A Deranged or Dangerous Man

by | Jun 14, 2017 | Politics, Shawn, That Is Not Right | 0 comments

No, I’m not talking about the shooter in Virginia today, who obviously was both deranged and dangerous. I’m talking about Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe, who raced to the microphone to declare that tighter gun control is the saving answer, and blared two or three times, before staff choked him with a note, that America loses 93 million citizens a day to gun violence. Imagine that. In 4 days, America will have zero population.

93 million? What was his addled mind thinking? Terry McAuliffe is not a stupid man. He can’t have moved in the circles he has and prospered the way he has with a low horsepower brain. I propose that leaves two options. Either he had a neurological event so he didn’t hear or understand himself to say that we lose a over a quarter of the US population to gun violence every day, or he is sinister or evil and didn’t care at all about the accuracy of his comments; he just meant to go advance an agenda, regardless of the merits.

It is possible a staffer speechwriter just screwed up really badly and gave him a bad number, but then it still seems like question marks would go off in his head. Terry McAuliffe is mentioned as a possible Democratic candidate for president in 2020. This disgrace should squelch that nonsense.