A Few Thoughts on the Supreme Court Permitting Trump’s Travel Embargo to Go Forward.

by | Dec 5, 2017 | Culture, Politics, Shawn | 0 comments


There is something irksome about vehement Democrat resistance to stronger vetting of travel from a handful of select nations with terrorist networks and inadequate government functions to trust local records…

A. There are popularly circulating videos of Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and most recently Diane Feinstein warning of the plague and cost of illegal immigration. Like within the last decade or so. Suddenly, though, Big Democrat Brother decided Oceana has never been at war with illegal immigration, and it is a racist thing to oppose.

B. There is an ideology with a declared hatred for Westerners and all infidels, and a current track record of shedding much blood to prove their sincerity. It doesn’t matter what percent of the population the nations feels this way. What matters is that in the aggregate there are thousands, and more importantly, that certain subcultures–whether they come radicalized or not–tend to self segregate and become radicalized.

C. The nations that are the target the selective travel embargo were not identified by Trump. They were identified by the Obama administration as having terrorist networks and inadequate government information judge non-violence. Moreover they comprise a tiny portion of 60 Arab or Muslim nations, giving the lie to the claim that the Order targets an entire religion. It targets failed and near-failed states with extremist networks.

D. Coming to the US is a globally prized privilege, not a basic civil right. Opponents of stricter vetting invoke abuses like the Japanese internment, when US citizens were stripped of rights and property and herded into encampments. I’m sorry, but anyone who thinks not inviting entrance to foreigners from declared hostile regions is similar to raiding and warehousing US citizens behind barbed wire is arguing from a brain made of warm pudding.