A Tribe Exclusive: Who’s Winning, The Trump Rebels or the Deep State Empire?

by | Jun 16, 2017 | Culture, Politics, Shawn | 0 comments

The Insurgent-Tribe-Cherokee-Mormon Network is pleased to offer this report:
Some people admire and support Donald Trump as a successful, strong leader. Some fear and oppose him as an avaricious adolescent. This correspondent has made clear that the president is not my cup of orange tea. But, based on anonymous sources inside my head, I can report this:
The President could be sitting in the Mar-a-Lago Juice Bar imitating a fresh squeezed cup of pulp-free morning sunshine. But, so far the fruits of his labors include the following:
Rex Tillerson presides over a State Department that is willing to put American interests first, lead from the front, or watch from the side if it is not an America priority. He is a tough negotiator who aims to lift American stature and security, not to sit on a barstool in the recently bombed capitol of France swaying with a maudlin celebrity crooning about friendship to the bereaved, or to be a modern day Ethenberg of the Middle East doing nuclear favors for Iran.
James Mattis heads the Department of Defense like a smart, mad dog. He wants to stand guard, keep our enemies at bay, and kill terrorists. He’s abandoned the prior team’s project of converting America’s military into a kind of Progressive Transformation Corps with guns.

The finest nominee to the high court in a generation now sits at work in black robes bearing the title Justice Gorsuch.

Jeff Sessions, with merits and flaws, unquestionably is turning the Department of Justice back to the mission of enforcing federal law evenly, rather than acting as the high budget consigliere and hit man for the president.
At the Department of Energy, Rick Perry wants to support and get out of the way of energy production, growing jobs and fueling the economy. He’s not trying to choke it off in hopes that rainbows and unicorns can make up the gap.
Betsy DeVos at the Department of Education is tasked with identifying regulations that are putting the federal boot heavily on the K-12 school house. She’s working to give charter and non-traditional schools a fair shake. She’s seeking out and disbanding the sleeper cells of leftists embedded in the department who try to pull puppet strings from Washington without following statutes or even bothering to publicly pass regulations.
Ben Carson heads Housing and Urban Development with a world class mind, a story of rise from humble circumstances to world class success, a soft voice, and a savvy about the dirty kind of political infighting he’s certain to face.
Scott Pruit aims to restore the EPA to an agency that enforces the law justly and with due process, rather than making it up, expanding its empire, and choking people and companies out of the rightful use of their land based on bureaucratic whim.
These are just a few of my favorite things. This is also a huge challenge to the way Washington has done business for decades. Tremendous challenge. It’s a great, great challenge. It’s one of the greatest challenges ever.
It explains why the permanent bureaucratic elite is fighting back like a cornered dog. Manufacturing stories. Making noise. Getting some headlines. And when there’s nothing there, moving on to the next fabrication.This vast left wing conspiracy includes the permanent bureaucracy and the national media. They are relentless in preserving their power and privilege.
The night of the election there was fraud and tampering in three key states. Recount! Recount! Except there wasn’t, unless you count the excessive votes in Detroit precincts.
Before the electoral college confirmation, there was a huge groundswell of national electors who would abandon Trump and vote for someone else. Except there wasn’t.
Then it was Russians! Russians! Except there was no claim they actually accessed the voting machines, just that releasing the DNC’s dirty laundry was not nice. No claim the emails were forged or inaccurate. Just embarrassed that the truth about dirty Democratic politics came out.
Just when the Russian story was losing steam, anonymous intelligence officials breathed new life into it. The spooks are investigating whether Trump colluded with Russia! Suddenly “collusion” became the new it word. Except they weren’t. FBI told Trump three times, and told congressional leaders as well, that Trump was not being investigated for collusion. The investigation targeted two Trump campaign aids for unreported lobbying efforts for Russian.
Except, Comey would not tell the public that story. He slyly danced and weaved and left tantalizing hints that the president of the United States might have consorted with a foreign enemy in to win the presidency. The Intelligence arm of the deep state kept dripping out stories about “contacts” and “communications” as if this were scandalous stuff. But no one, after all the high tech surveillance, ever alleged a single illegal, sinister, or questionable plan, word, or action.
They—anonymous sources and panting national reporters–knowingly kept a false story alive in the public mind, for one purpose: All to create controversy, to distract, hinder, and block the new administration.
No wonder Trump got sick of Comey’s game and fired him. And so now we’re on to obstruction, obstruction, obstruction! After that it will probably be something about the well done steak or maybe an event of flatulence. Even if they can’t impeach him, maybe they can paralyze him.