Alabama Finally Puts Us Out of Our Misery, One Way Or the Other.

by | Dec 12, 2017 | Culture, Politics, Shawn | 0 comments

I don’t know Roy Moore from Adam. Here is what I do know about his political context.

He attended West Point in an era when standards apparently were tougher than the past Obama era and the avowed communist who recently graduated from West Point that his superiors were too weak and afraid to discipline.

He had a thing for dating younger women, including the one he married, without allegation of misconduct from any quarter, for three decades or so.

He was a controversial Alabama judge on the Supreme Court, hated by the Left, and removed by Alabama’s legal system for refusing a federal order to remove a 10 commandments memorial in his courtroom. Somehow, the allegations that would come to shadow his senate run never surfaced amidst all the controversy.

He announced he would run for the Senate vacancy created by Jeff Session’s appointment as Attorney General. This is a seat in a Senate divided by one or two seats. Suddenly, there are multiple allegations by multiple women of boorish behavior by a seeming sexual predator.

Except for this…none of these allegations surfaced decades ago. He was a controversial figure hated by the left. One of his worst accusers has admitted fabricating evidence to bolster her claim.

He is not accused of impropriety more recent than 30 plus years. Hard to defend against old charges. And if he is of the character the accusers describe, how could there not be new charges?

Oh, and this is in the context of a new totalitarian Left that manufactures fraudulent prosecutions against Ted Stevens to steal a Senate seat, and dossiers against Trump to manufacture resistance to an elected president.

I don’t love Roy Moore. I sure loathe and oppose the Left that wants to engineer his lynching. No, I don’t believe a vile syllable out of the mouth of this machine of civic deceit and will to control and crush opposition.