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Quote of the Day: “The federal government sets up an artificial market for selling health insurance, sets the prices, subsidizes the premiums, goads people to buy who’ve never before been able to afford it, bans anyone who actually knows what they’re doing from running the darn things. How could that possibly fail? Quite spectacularly as it turns out.” – Dan Calabrese

Why The Football Players Will Fail

Here is why the NFL kneeling and Kaepernicke and all that will not go where its’ advocates want it to go –

There are tens of millions of people in this country who have worked all their lives and will never have enough money to retire. The pleasures they can afford are Budweiser, fishing and sports on TV. They are oppressing nobody and in fact they are the chief victims of the financialization of the economy and Obama allowing Wall Street and insurance companies to run the White House.

This is just what it is – not even political just the truth.

For decades now – going back to Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton – these people have been stereotyped and made a political punching bag. These people overwhelming voted for Trump – these people are the reason that Trump is in the White House – because Trump told them you are not the bad guys here and you are not the oppressors. And you know what – they are not. They don’t particularly care what Trump does – they care that Trump stated the obvious that other politicians didn’t have the courage to state – that they are not the cause of the misery in this country.

Obama said derogatory things about these people, Hillary said derogatory things about these people, Trump said I am on your side. I get it. You all know I think Trump is an ass and won’t get us to where we need to be – but I get it. If you don’t get this I simply don’t see how you will understand what is going on in this country.

Now you have NFL millionaires telling people who will never be able to retire that they are the oppressors.

It just does not fly. Does not pass the smell test – and I think the shelf life of this argument has expired.

No matter how sincere some of the football players may be – blaming the guy who can’t ever retire and who has an entertainment budget that extends out to nightcrawlers and Budweiser for ills that he has nothing to do with is a disaster of an idea.

Just is – yet that is the gist of the argument the football players are making.

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