Yearning For Feudalism

1. Fact: Modern “Progressives” barely know there is such a thing as ‘Monetary Policy’ and they have no idea what it is or how it works.

2. Fact: The overwhelming majority of wealth transfers to the rich occur via monetary policy – about $15 trillion in net wealth transferred from the bottom 93% to the top 7% during the Obama years.

3. Fact: Modern “Progressives” constantly and even violently argue for policies that are simply wealth transfers to the very rich with a facade of compassion placed around it – the reason why is #1 on this post.

4. Fact: Long time Progressives such as Charles Hugh Smith, who actually understand monetary policy, point out that modern ‘Progressives’ are yearning for, fighting for and demanding a 21st century version of feudalism without the first clue that this is what they are actually doing. As a result Progressives that indeed understand monetary policy are shunned, belittled and attacked – for merely pointing out the fact that modern ‘Progressives’ are yearning for, fighting for and demanding a 21st century version of feudalism because of #1 on this post.

This is not pejorative – just facts. That modern “Progressives” have adopted a cultural motif that anyone who does not agree with them is evil and to be disregarded and the enemy makes it almost impossible for them to come to realize the truth of #1.

Hence – they will continue to argue, even engaging in violence, for continued massive wealth transfers to the 1% while sincerely believing that they are doing just the opposite.

Climate Change And You

Nothing – not even economics – is so viciously argued with as much actual ignorance among the general public as the topic ‘climate change.’

Let us start with some simple facts – how many people in North America actually holistically understand this topic? A few hundred. That is it. Not thousands. Not tens of thousands.

Next fact – you are not among that few hundred. Just the truth.

What is the attitude of these few hundred toward the effects that man has on climate change? Ambivalence. Not certainly, not “we are all gonna die!” but ambivalence. What is more – these folks are even more ambivalent that anything can be done about it without killing billions of people.

This is where it gets interesting – what people argue about is what someone else told them. Again, just the truth. Almost exclusively those who are proponents of man made climate change also propose solutions that will make the wealthy ever more wealthy! Let us review – you do not have an understanding of the topic (neither do I), you are arguing over what is effectively gossip, and that gossip includes proposed solutions that will enrich and empower the very wealthy. Where do you think the gossip started?

That is where we are as society.

“But but but Miami will be underwater!”

Few to none of the actual few hundred people who actually understand this topic are claiming that – but those who spread such nonsense do not care.

Furthermore if all the fear-mongering were to be true – buying solar panels and a Prius won’t change the outcome. Beyond that – the people who are fear-mongering are fear-mongering about how the petroleum industry is the source of ‘climate change’ while typing on the their PC or iPhone.

Yes it is that absurd. Almost as absurd as Leonardo DiCaprio and Al Gore flying on private jets followed by taking limousines to a presser in order to tell everyone who much danger you are in and how you (but not them!) must reduce your carbon footprint so the planet can be saved – and oh by the way you can reduce your carbon footprint by purchasing the products they are invested in. if you are a proponent of man caused climate change and you believe it must be dealt with – advocating for solutions that inevitably are nothing more than wealth transfers to the 1% is not helping your position.

Absurd does not begin to define the situation.

I suppose that ‘saving the planet’ – even if you are ‘saving’ it from a fictional problem – provides meaning to lives. Among a certain sub-culture demonstrating your commitment to combat ‘climate change’ is a required check-box to remain part of the group and to question the basic premise – and the actual few hundred scientist who actually holistically study this topic happen to question the social media premise severely – means you are no longer a decent human being and you must be shunned.

Yeah, that shows a commitment to science…

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