Not A Free Market

Recently I wrote about how what we have in the United States is fascism. That bothered some people.

Let me make my case. “This does not look like Mussolini’s Italy, the government does not control everything!” Allow me to counter: Mussolini did not directly control every little bakery in Italy. However Mussolini did indirectly control every little bakery in Italy. The United States government does not directly control every little bakery in the United States but they do indirectly control every little bakery in the United States right down to who you do or do not have to bake a cake for.

A further example is the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare as it is more commonly known. Who wrote that legislation? It was not your senators and congress people, they not only did not write it they did not even bother to read it. A former Vice President of Well Point drafted the Obamacare legislation. Obamacare was written by and for the health insurance industry.

Now some of you may think “But look at all the people who got healthcare.” Actually let us look at all the health insurance policies that have now been purchased by the force of law. We have fewer doctors, nurses, medical clinics and hospitals than we had before that act was passed so there is no plausible defense that we have increased the amount of healthcare for there is less healthcare available now than before that bill was passed.

If you sell healthcare insurance this was an outstanding bill. If you actually require healthcare it is a disaster that just gets worse by the day.

Government regulation, legislation, bureaucracy, and taxation are now the driving factor in each and every business in America. This is done for the advantage of a few corporations at the expense of each and every one of us. General Motors does not fear the government, General Motors is partners with the government. General Motors fears Tata selling $2,000 cars in San Diego. General Motors instructs the government to inflict regulation, legislation, bureaucracy, and taxation to make sure that Tata cannot sell a $2,000 car in San Diego.

Not a free market, not capitalism.

I will return to what Mussolini said, “Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.” You need to grasp that and grasp that this is the situation that we are operating under.

I have no problem with corporations. Corporations are a means of allowing many people to pool their capital and accomplish something they could not individually accomplish. That is a good thing.

I have no problem with successful individuals. I have no problem with billionaires.

I have an enormous problem when people use the power of government to create unfair situations from which they can personally profit and all the rest of us suffer. That is not what the United States was intended to be yet that is exactly what we have and the American political left wants more of it.

I think we have had quite enough.

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