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Quote of the Day: “In the meantime, watch as a toxic political tide sweeps away the foundations of a two-hundred-odd year experiment in civil order. Six months from now, nobody will trust anyone or anything, and we may easily see a great deal of kinetic lashing out against each other in the ringing, raging confusion of the political vortex we’ve gleefully ventured into.” – James Kunstler

What Is The Plan In Syria?

I have no clue what we are doing in Syria. I assume we are there because ISIS, Russia and Iran are there. If someone were to say that we are there to wipe out ISIS and then we will leave, ok, I could probably buy into that. However – I do not understand why we are escalating against Assad and Putin. It is not that Assad and Putin are good people – they are not – but that waging war against them won’t make them good people. If the goal is regime change we should know that and have argued to us why that is worth the death and destruction?

For eight years I castigated Obama over these foreign adventures that appeared to be without purpose or objective by asking, “What is the plan?”

I never received an answer from the Obama administration as to what the plan was as we ripped apart one country after another.

Time to ask the Trump administration – what is the plan? What are we doing there, how do we know when we are done and how do we know if we succeeded? Why is it worth the price we will have to pay?

Not holding my breath for an answer to this question either.

The Pain Is Too Real For Too Many

By all appearances society is coming apart at the seams. Not just coming apart – being ripped apart. People will believe the absurd, defend the absurd and then argue the absurd. If one points out that these things are absurd it will get you labeled a radical. It is not an accident that these things are so.

The primary tool by which society is ripped apart is propaganda. As of late it has been labeled ‘fake news’ – but Goebbels would recognize it right off. It is intended to produce a psychological reaction – and anyone who fails to share the psychological reaction is labeled an enemy. That is pretty much how it works. As I detailed yesterday it takes one down the path of moral and intellectual bankruptcy. 

The Trump, Clinton and Sanders campaigns last year were entirely propaganda – and people are still fighting over how their candidate’s propaganda was superior to the other candidate’s propaganda. What they are really fighting over is a preferred psychological reaction. I opposed Trump, Sanders and Clinton on the basis that none of them should’ve been President. Trump has not been nearly as bad as I thought he could have been (it is early yet!) but it is also looking as though nothing much of lasting effect may get done either.

On the flip side it is hard to imagine a party doing worse than the Democrats. It would appear that the goal of the Democrat Party is to validate that every bad thing ever said about them is true. While the Republicans are getting nothing useful done the Democrats are making themselves out to be the pariah party. The capstone is creating false moral equivalencies to rationalize political violence and intimidation. False moral equivalencies are now epidemic on the Left. The Left is seeking to rationalize what is clearly irrational and wrong – and it continues to isolate them. Increasing numbers of rank-and-file Democrats are aghast at what is being done in their name – the allegations of what Trump and Republicans will allegedly do look trite in contrast to what the Left is actually doing and the population at large has noticed this.

So far the key to understanding what is going on is that the allegations of what Trump and Republicans will allegedly do appear completely false. Russian collusion. Obstruction of justice. Apartheid. Anti-Gay agendas. Wholesale persecution of Moslems. Wholesale persecution of Hispanics. Wholesale persecution of immigrants. You can tick off the allegations – allegations that the Left use to justify all sorts of abhorrent behavior on their part but in reality are not in sight.

This creates a dilemma for the Democrat Party. A majority of the Democrat Party are rational, good human beings who have no interest in being associated with the Left and tactics of violence and intimidation – let alone basing their lives on allegations which increasingly appear to be false. It is looking entirely possible that the Democrats will have to choose between disinviting the Leftist or continue to be electorally isolated. I am guessing that they will end up disinviting the Leftist but it may take a disastrous election or two for them to get to that point. American elections are won and lost in the center – and while that center is shrinking – it is highly unlikely that the Left will ever garner sufficient support to win a national election. A recent Gallup poll showed that what American voters overwhelmingly want is for things in DC to get done and the Left has steered the Democrat Party into a mode of preventing anything getting done. Propaganda won’t fix this problem for the Democrats. The pain is too real for too many Americans.

The Democrats will own this in 2018.

Boom And Bust

In a capitalist system, the bust portion of the cycle occurs because misallocated capital is cleared out. In other words, people who have invested capital in a venture in order to gain a return on that capital either voluntarily or involuntarily discover that the expected return will not materialize and that capital is then reallocated to another venture in which a return is expected. It is a healthy thing and it occurs frequently, in fact in a capitalist system it should occur on a small scale daily. This is the beauty of the self-regulating portion of a capitalist system, misallocated capital is discovered quickly and reallocated quickly in relatively small amounts.

The system for which the statist advocates the government will provide an incentive for misallocated capital to remain misallocated and in fact for ever more capital to be misallocated. Rather than a free market capitalist system where capital is cleared out frequently and reallocated, in statist systems the misallocated capital remains misallocated for years and grows and grows because that is the behavior the state incentivizes, coerces, compels and forces. In statist systems, when the misallocated capital eventually clears out (as it always does) it results in a major economic catastrophe.

In a capitalist system the boom and bust cycle is much more frequent and of much smaller scale. In the system that statist advocate for the boom and bust cycles are much less frequent but they reach much higher highs and much lower lows. In a capitalist system people lose money. In statist systems people lose houses, careers and hope.

These are different.

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