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Other Side Quote of the Day: “If you are allowed to abort a fetus that has a severe genetic defect, microcephaly, spina bifida, or so on, then why aren’t you able to euthanize that same fetus just after it’s born? After all, newborn babies aren’t aware of death, aren’t nearly as sentient as an older child or adult, and have no rational faculties to make judgments (and if there’s severe mental disability, would never develop such faculties). It makes little sense to keep alive a suffering child who is doomed to die or suffer life in a vegetative or horribly painful state.” – Jerry Coyne, a professor in the department of ecology and human evolution at the University of Chicago


An often-aired TV commercial is centered on the song “Unstoppable.”

Perhaps we should change the lyrics to ‘Ungovernable’ and make it the national anthem?
Between the corruption, incompetency, dysfunctional personalities, competition for power and general uselessness – not to mention the lying – the United States has approached the ungovernable stage. We will find out for sure when we have the next crisis – be that economic, foreign policy or military – and get to observe first hand if the government can muster the ability to deal with that crisis. The lack of ability on the part of government to accomplish the simple tasks that they have promised – such as the repeal of Obamacare – makes the next crisis all the more likely.
By and large most people simply have no idea what they are rooting for or against in regard to matters such as Obamacare or tax reform. The chances that we will get to the real game-changing issues (such as Humphrey-Hawkins) are beyond nil.
The practical politics of most of the voters appears to be “We keep taking money from the many and giving it to the few yet wealth inequality keeps growing, I just cannot figure it out?” We have achieved terminal velocity in the death of the republic simply due to most voters being willing to parrot what a politician/lobbyist/billionaire told them and being unwilling to actually understand the issues and what those issues mean in real life.
The politician/lobbyist/billionaire obfuscates, dissembles and generally makes those issues as difficult to understand as possible.
Hence the rich grow wealthier and the masses grow poorer – primarily because a critical mass value their ego over reality.
This dysfunction is propagated by the extraordinary amounts of cash spent to massage the ego of the partisans – make their ego inflate and the politician/lobbyist/billionaire never has to worry that the voters will actually question the policies in an honest manner that would lead them to the words, “I am sorry, I was wrong.”
All of this is leading to a dramatic change. It will not be the change the Progressives long for and it will not be the change the Trumpsters believe they are instigating – well except for perhaps temporarily in regard to Bannon who may be a nihilist.
I fully and completely believe that liberty and freedom is what will come out of this – but it is likely to be bloody, messy and nasty between here and there.
Buckle up…
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