“When Buying And Selling Are Controlled By Legislation, The First Things To Be Bought And Sold Are Legislators”

“When buying and selling are controlled by legislation, the first things to be bought and sold are legislators.” – P. J. O’Rourke

For a number of years now we have had a government that has moved ever farther into the realm of central planning. This central planning has caused economic stagnation, an ever greater gap not just between rich and poor but indeed has forced ever more people who used to be middle class into the ranks of the poor, and created a situation where those at the top are able to take advantage of monetary and fiscal policy to grow wealthier while the overwhelming majority of Americans are economically oppressed by taxation, regulation and bureaucratic nonsense.

We have allowed these miscreants to organize an economy where who you know is more vital to economic success than what you know. This is not a free market, not capitalism, and not right.

We have a great number of people who defend this system on purely ideological grounds. Most of the people who defend this system cannot even explain the ideology to which they claim to adhere but their ego will not allow them to admit that they do not understand the system or that they made a mistake in supporting it.

To a large extent our political and economic system is the result of which politicians can tell us the lies that we like best. Then of course many of us defend those lies because we like them, the lies appeal to us. “Our lies are better than your lies and you are an idiot for not preferring our lies!” is kind of how the discussion goes.

“Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.” – Benito Mussolini

It is painfully obvious that the form of government we have adopted in this country is fascism. The ‘Left’ in the United States are really not socialist but fascist. They do not want common ownership of business and all the tenets of Marxism but they do want government to make businesses do as the left wishes. Of course you do not have to study much history to realize that in all fascist systems it is not the government telling business what to do but business telling government what to do instead. This is how it is in the United States and what the left argues for more of.

What is an incumbent businesses first goal? Crush the competition. There is no more effective and efficient way to crush your competition that using the power of government to do so. This is a primary reason why more businesses are going out of business in the United State today than are being formed. This is a primary reason for declining year over year real wages, for declining employment and declining net wealth for 90% of Americans.

Government taxation, regulation and bureaucracy create a situation where it is extraordinarily difficult to start or continue a competitive business when you are competing against someone who has the government doing their bidding for them. When the Left habitually claim they want to ‘regulate business’ what they are really saying is they want to snuff out the competition on behalf of their campaign donors.

It is time we demanded truth instead of propaganda. It is time we elected politicians that work for us and not against us. Unfortunately we simply have too few people in this country who even understand what it is they are voting for or arguing against. Like sheep to the slaughter…

Quote Of The Day

Quote of the Day: “Three-fifths to two-thirds of the federal budget consists of taking property from one American and giving it to another. Were a private person to do the same thing, we’d call it theft. When government does it, we euphemistically call it income redistribution, but that’s exactly what thieves do — redistribute income. Income redistribution not only betrays the founders’ vision, it’s a sin in the eyes of God.” – Walter Williams

The Real Choice

Last week I was interviewed on the Americhicks radio program and I talked about my fathers military experience on Hokkaido where he chased down Japanese World War II army veterans who were engaged in a loose insurgency against the American occupation of Japan. I was asked in the interview “How did they catch these guys?” to which the answer was with the help of the Japanese government. The Japanese government understood the choices were not occupation by the United States or no occupation at all. The choices the Japanese faced were occupation by the United States or occupation by the Soviet Union. The Japanese understood that occupation by the United States was far superior to occupation by the USSR.

The Japanese government understood the real choice before them.

Today in the United States most people are arguing over the appropriate level of welfare state. Donald Trump has tweeted that the country should spend much more money on healthcare. Ivanka Trump has said that family leave should be mandatory and President Trump has included family leave in his budget. Obama, Clinton, Sanders, Warren and company desire cradle to grave government care – paternalism for everyone!

Puerto Rico has recently discovered, and Illinois is in the process of discovering, that deciding on the appropriate level of welfare state is not the choice. The choice we will have to make is whether we voluntarily dismantle the welfare state or allow the welfare state to collapse.

It would seem that everyone is aware that the Federal debt is about $20trillion. However – that is the official ‘on the books’ debt. The Congressional Budget Office estimates the actual amount that the Federal government is on the hook to pay as $210trillion – or more than ten times what the Federal government actually counts as ‘the debt.’

How did we find ourselves in such an absurd situation? Here is how: when Lyndon Johnson was President he attempted to launch the Great Society concurrent with fighting a very expensive war in Viet Nam. This ballooned the Federal debt and LBJ, looking to a re-election campaign that never occurred, ordered the Federal government to abandon Generally Acceptable Accounting Principles. In a nutshell, LBJ directed the Federal government to only count debt that LBJ found politically expedient to report. Problem fixed, right?

Not hardly. By publicly reporting only a portion of the debt it has provided congress and subsequent Presidents political cover to spend money and buy votes via deception. The deception has allowed the American voters to believe that they have choices available that they do not actually have – certainly not indefinitely. I am unaware of anyone not named Krugman who believes the United States will honor that $210trillion debt. The debt is not mathematically possible to pay without monetizing, i.e. printing money to pay the bills. Yet the impossibility of paying this debt never prevents us from pretending that it does not exist.

There is a logical mathematical outcome that usurps pretending. Puerto Rico and very soon Illinois will have attained an understanding of this logical mathematical outcome. Others will follow quickly.

The actual choice before us is if we will voluntarily dismantle the welfare state or allow it to collapse. If we choose to voluntarily dismantle the welfare state we can strive for some level of fairness in doing so. If we choose to continue pretending until the welfare state collapses it will only be fair in terms of the absoluteness of the misery and destruction. Amazingly enough those who plan to continue pretending right up until collapse have appropriated the terms ‘fair’ and ‘compassionate’ for themselves.

Still not at peak absurdity.

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