The Price Of Believing The Absurd

It would appear the great skill of the human race is to normalize the absurd and the evil.


I have known people who survived Hitler, Stalin, Brezhnev, Ho Chi Minh, Pol Pot, Assad, Taylor…


I knew a Russian family who applied to leave the Soviet Union. The Soviet officials proclaimed that the husband must be insane – that only the insane would wish to leave the paradise of the USSR was the rationale – and they sentenced him to an insane asylum. The wife persisted in the official, legal attempt to leave and after several years they were successful – several years which the husband had spent incarcerated and labeled insane and his family depended on the kindness of others to eat and have a place to sleep. I knew a Lutheran pastor whom the Nazi’s sentenced to the work camps, which he survived, only to have the communist victors sentence him to fourteen years in prison due to his unwillingness to recant his faith in Christ. Eventually a Christian organization in Europe was able to secure his release to the west by essentially bribing the communist officials to release him. I know a fellow who the Soviet government proclaimed a non-person, after having thrown his father in the Gulag, and he then quite illegally snuck out of the USSR to freedom. I know a lady (in every sense of the word) who was the daughter of a Catholic officer in the Army of South Viet Nam. After Saigon fell her parents were seized by the communist and taken away – never to be seen or heard from again. She survived as a homeless child on the streets of Saigon until she was able to quite illegally sneak out of the country as a teenager and miraculously make her way to the United States. I knew someone who escaped the re-education camps of Pol Pot and walked out of Cambodia. I knew the son of a former Iranian Army Colonel who, on the eve of the Ayatollah taking over in Iran, put his pre-teenage son on an airplane to the United States, not knowing if he would ever see his son again and hoping that when he stepped off of that airplane in the U.S. that some stranger would recognize the situation and care for his son. I knew a Liberian man whom his parents were political prisoners held by Charles Taylor. This fellow rented an airplane (he was a pilot), got some of his friends together, and flew the airplane to the camp where his parents were being held. He landed the airplane next to the camp, he and his armed friends burst forth from the airplane and raided the camp, releasing all the prisoners. He, his parents and his friends all made it back on the airplane alive where they flew off to freedom and eventual asylum in the United States. I knew a lady from Aleppo, Syria whom the elder Assad executed her father for political dissent. Her mother was able to get she and her sister out of Syria and away from Assad and into – Beirut. Their arrival in Beirut was at nearly the same time as the arrival of the PLO in Beirut – she went to school and college during the Lebanese civil war where she studied nursing at American University. Much of her education as a nurse was working the emergency room at the university medical center treating the casualties of the war. She would work, as a student nurse, for days at a time without respite treating the victims of bullets, grenades and artillery. She did not wash her clothes – she burned her clothes for there was no way to wash the blood out. She and her mother and sister were able to escape to the United States. These are just the stories of the people I have known – there are tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands people in this country with stories akin to these.


People will go to extraordinary lengths to be free and for their family to be free and not be compelled to live in violation of their own conscience.


The stories of not just the evil but the absurdities which had to be engaged in by society in order for these evils to be justified, rationalized and normalized are heartbreaking. Evil does not reign as a result of rational thought, evil will reign as the result of a long line of preposterous absurdities that must be bought into in an unquestioning manner – if this acceptance of absurdity does not occur then evil will have a very brief life span. For all those stories I related above – there were thousands or millions in the same position who accepted the absurdities and normalized the evil.


A society does not reach the point where imprisoning a pastor for refusing to renounce Christ or declaring a man insane because he wants to move to Brighton Beach become plausible reasonable actions unless that society has already accepted a long line of absurdities as being truth.


The following was posted on Facebook yesterday:




Absurd? Definitely. Is it bought into and unquestioned by millions of Progressives? Absolutely. This post is demonstrative of the type of absurdities people must come to embrace in order for evil to reign.


People are drawing quite a few dividing lines in our society. Conservative/Liberal. Progressive/Libertarian. White/Black. Rich/Poor. On and on – the lines that people are draw are endless.


Let me propose a novel thought – that the day is rapidly approaching where the only dividing line that is going to matter in this society is the line between those who unquestioningly buy into the absurdities and those who recognize the absurdities for what they are and reject and renounce them.


We are quickly getting to the point where the division of society will be wholly drawn at lies and truth and nothing else will be of much consequence.


Choose wisely…

A Tribe Exclusive: Who’s Winning, The Trump Rebels or the Deep State Empire?

The Insurgent-Tribe-Cherokee-Mormon Network is pleased to offer this report:
Some people admire and support Donald Trump as a successful, strong leader. Some fear and oppose him as an avaricious adolescent. This correspondent has made clear that the president is not my cup of orange tea. But, based on anonymous sources inside my head, I can report this:
The President could be sitting in the Mar-a-Lago Juice Bar imitating a fresh squeezed cup of pulp-free morning sunshine. But, so far the fruits of his labors include the following:
Rex Tillerson presides over a State Department that is willing to put American interests first, lead from the front, or watch from the side if it is not an America priority. He is a tough negotiator who aims to lift American stature and security, not to sit on a barstool in the recently bombed capitol of France swaying with a maudlin celebrity crooning about friendship to the bereaved, or to be a modern day Ethenberg of the Middle East doing nuclear favors for Iran.
James Mattis heads the Department of Defense like a smart, mad dog. He wants to stand guard, keep our enemies at bay, and kill terrorists. He’s abandoned the prior team’s project of converting America’s military into a kind of Progressive Transformation Corps with guns.

The finest nominee to the high court in a generation now sits at work in black robes bearing the title Justice Gorsuch.

Jeff Sessions, with merits and flaws, unquestionably is turning the Department of Justice back to the mission of enforcing federal law evenly, rather than acting as the high budget consigliere and hit man for the president.
At the Department of Energy, Rick Perry wants to support and get out of the way of energy production, growing jobs and fueling the economy. He’s not trying to choke it off in hopes that rainbows and unicorns can make up the gap.
Betsy DeVos at the Department of Education is tasked with identifying regulations that are putting the federal boot heavily on the K-12 school house. She’s working to give charter and non-traditional schools a fair shake. She’s seeking out and disbanding the sleeper cells of leftists embedded in the department who try to pull puppet strings from Washington without following statutes or even bothering to publicly pass regulations.
Ben Carson heads Housing and Urban Development with a world class mind, a story of rise from humble circumstances to world class success, a soft voice, and a savvy about the dirty kind of political infighting he’s certain to face.
Scott Pruit aims to restore the EPA to an agency that enforces the law justly and with due process, rather than making it up, expanding its empire, and choking people and companies out of the rightful use of their land based on bureaucratic whim.
These are just a few of my favorite things. This is also a huge challenge to the way Washington has done business for decades. Tremendous challenge. It’s a great, great challenge. It’s one of the greatest challenges ever.
It explains why the permanent bureaucratic elite is fighting back like a cornered dog. Manufacturing stories. Making noise. Getting some headlines. And when there’s nothing there, moving on to the next fabrication.This vast left wing conspiracy includes the permanent bureaucracy and the national media. They are relentless in preserving their power and privilege.
The night of the election there was fraud and tampering in three key states. Recount! Recount! Except there wasn’t, unless you count the excessive votes in Detroit precincts.
Before the electoral college confirmation, there was a huge groundswell of national electors who would abandon Trump and vote for someone else. Except there wasn’t.
Then it was Russians! Russians! Except there was no claim they actually accessed the voting machines, just that releasing the DNC’s dirty laundry was not nice. No claim the emails were forged or inaccurate. Just embarrassed that the truth about dirty Democratic politics came out.
Just when the Russian story was losing steam, anonymous intelligence officials breathed new life into it. The spooks are investigating whether Trump colluded with Russia! Suddenly “collusion” became the new it word. Except they weren’t. FBI told Trump three times, and told congressional leaders as well, that Trump was not being investigated for collusion. The investigation targeted two Trump campaign aids for unreported lobbying efforts for Russian.
Except, Comey would not tell the public that story. He slyly danced and weaved and left tantalizing hints that the president of the United States might have consorted with a foreign enemy in to win the presidency. The Intelligence arm of the deep state kept dripping out stories about “contacts” and “communications” as if this were scandalous stuff. But no one, after all the high tech surveillance, ever alleged a single illegal, sinister, or questionable plan, word, or action.
They—anonymous sources and panting national reporters–knowingly kept a false story alive in the public mind, for one purpose: All to create controversy, to distract, hinder, and block the new administration.
No wonder Trump got sick of Comey’s game and fired him. And so now we’re on to obstruction, obstruction, obstruction! After that it will probably be something about the well done steak or maybe an event of flatulence. Even if they can’t impeach him, maybe they can paralyze him.

A Primer On Indians

There are a lot of misperceptions around Indians. Often even Indians have misperceptions around other Indians.

Think of this as a primer.

Start with the term Indian – that is a Constitutional term. Indians are explicitly called out in the Constitution. Many people are unaware of that. The Constitution says that we will not be taxed, that the Federal government can regulate affairs between the Federal government and the various nations but not the internal affairs of the tribes, we are exempt from the 14th Amendment, and the Founding Fathers were quite explicit in that Indians would be dealt with via treaty, i.e. negotiated with not dictated to.

Fair to say, the Federal government has completely abandoned the Constitution in regard to Indians. That abandonment started with Worcester v. Georgia in 1832 and Andrew Jackson having allegedly said “John Marshall has made his decision now let him enforce it.” Regardless if he actually said that or not, both the Federal government and the state of Georgia failed to follow the ruling of the United States Supreme Court and no government since then has seen a reason to return to the Constitution in regard to Indians.

My point to this is that the term ‘Indian’ is a top down term. The Federal government has an Indian Policy, they have a Bureau of Indian Affairs, etc. However most people that the Federal government recognizes with the legal status of ‘Indian’ choose their identification as a citizen or enrolled member of a specific nation (and there is a legal difference in citizen and enrolled member, they are not synonyms). For example, while there is certainly a Pan-Indian movement (to which I do not subscribe), I am a Cherokee. I am a citizen of the Cherokee Nation.

While I have a legal status of ‘Indian’, I am a Cherokee. In my mind Cherokee is not a sub-category of the Indian category – Indian is the legal status that the Federal government has assigned to me, Cherokee is what I am. See the difference?

There is no generic Indian culture, just as there is no generic ‘Asian’ culture. A Korean in Seoul and an Aimak in Afghanistan are both ‘Asians’ but they have darn little in common. A Cherokee and an Inuit have darn little in common other than a generic legal status assigned by the Federal government. We all have different cultures, we made different decisions and we have had different outcomes. Our legal status is different beyond the common legal status of ‘Indian.’

Most people get tripped up because they do not understand that we are all very different peoples. They get even more tripped up by not grasping that we all have different legal status’s. Then they just get dizzy when they try to grasp that there are 567 Federally recognized nations and that each of these 567 nations has a separate, distinct, unique to them relationship (legally speaking) with the Federal government. This is the part that makes peoples head spin. A Lakota has a different legal status than a Cherokee. For example the Cherokee government in Tahlequah can do things that the Lakota government on Pine Ridge could not dream of doing. Why is that?

Different cultures led to different decisions that were made at different times that created different outcomes. Some of those different outcomes are legal outcomes. Culturally the Cherokee were unique in that we were a very open society. If a man would show up, embrace the language, fight our wars, embrace the culture, do the right thing by his neighbor – then he could become Cherokee. Men joined us to be Cherokee by the thousands and thousands. Some historians believe that as many as 25% of the Cherokee warriors in the French and Indian Wars were actually European men who had been adopted into the Cherokee Nation. Who are the most famous Cherokee of all time? Probably Sequoyah, Will Rogers and Sam Houston. Sam Houston had not a drop of Cherokee blood in him but was one of these men adopted into the Nation – the adopted son of Chief John Jolly and the husband of Talahina. I use that as an example – you could become Cherokee in a not dissimilar way than immigrants come to America to become Americans. This is something fairly unique to the Cherokee. What this cultural uniqueness created is that the Cherokee are probably the most ethnically and racially mixed people on the planet. Cherokee range from looking as European as I do to looking completely African – but we are all Cherokee. People tend to have a hard time wrapping their heads around this; that Cherokee is not a matter of blood. However being an American is not a matter of blood either, is it? When you get that analogy it gets easier to understand. However because we have this uniqueness we also tend to have lots of ‘fake’ Cherokee. This is a major problem for a lot of reasons, the reason it afflicts Cherokee much more than any other nation is due to the uniqueness of our culture which takes me back to my point: we all have unique cultures. You cannot glob ‘Indians’ together as a single culture.

As to further legal status, each nations (and sometimes individual) legal status is a result of treaty, legislation and case law. Everyone from a Federally recognized nation has certain parts of this in common; The End of Treaties, The Dawes Act, the Burke Act and the Curtis Act for example. These pieces of legislation applied to all Indians – the only way I can describe them is as crimes against the Constitution that unleashed bureaucratic evil. However there was legislation that was voluntary, such as the Indian Reorganization Act and the Oklahoma Indian Welfare Act. Well, voluntary for most – the Osage were prohibited from reorganizing under either of these acts for reasons I do not know. Nations that chose to reorganize under either of these acts ended up surrendering their sovereignty. The Cherokee Nation did not reorganize under either of these acts. It is very easy to be a Cherokee, you have pretty much complete freedom to do and believe what you wish – but the one thing you cannot do as a Cherokee is sign away our sovereignty. That is the big no-no. Because we did not sign on the dotted line, we were able to win a court case in the 1970’s called Harjo v Kleppe by which we charged the Federal government with ‘bureaucratic imperialism’ (I love that term, we should use it more often). The Federal Courts ruled that the Cherokee Nation was inherently sovereign, had never ceded its sovereignty and that our sovereignty preceded that of the United States. That gives me a different legal status than citizens of other Indian nations to whom that case law did not apply, and yet a different legal status again than someone whose nation had reorganized under the Indian Reorganization Act or the Oklahoma Indian Welfare Act.

It will make your head spin trying to figure out who can do what with who’s permission within what geographical boundaries. Indians cannot even keep track of all this, non-Indians have no reason to even try but it is probably useful to understand that there is no such thing as a generic Indian- not culturally and not in terms of legal status.

The other misconception that people tend to have is over treaties, and treaties not being honored. People tend to think the treaties were exclusively over land and beads. That is not the gripe. For example, in 1835 the Treaty of New Echota the Federal government promised the Cherokee Nation a seat in the House of Representatives and a path to statehood. Quite often people think we ‘traded’ land in the east for our land in the west. We had already acquired that land in the west via treaty in 1827, we were not going to trade something in exchange for something that we already possessed. What we surrendered that land for was a promise that the Cherokee Nation, which was a constitutional republic, would be incorporated into the United States of America on an equal basis with everyone else. What we exchanged that land for was the promise that we could become Americans and become self-determining of our own affairs in the same measure as the other states. This became very important in light of the knowledge that if the United States Supreme Court ruled something unconstitutional that the Federal and state governments were going to ignore the ruling and do as they wished.

Joke was on us.

That leads to other generic myths about Indians; by 1827 the Cherokee were a constitutional republic with a 92% literacy rate. Better than the United States then, better than the United States now.

That takes us back to culture – the Cherokee culture has been one of adopting new ideas regardless of where they originated. We have had the cultural paradigm that if someone else can do it – whether they were Shawnee, British or American – we can do it at least as well if not better. We developed our own education system by the 1820’s and our own newspaper by 1828. We adopted a constitution in 1827. We held our first constitutional for Chief and council in 1828. The first Indian to reach the rank of General in an American army was a Cherokee. We sent people to Ivy League school by the 1820’s. Scientist, doctors, engineers, military men, business people – we were successfully producing these men and women while Europe still had serfs. The first phone system in the United States west of St Louis was on the Cherokee Nation, in the 19th century we had water delivery as well as sewer systems in our cities, on and on it goes. We built our own colleges in 1851, the second oldest college west of the Mississippi and the very first women’s college west of the Mississippi.

If you are getting your perceptions from movies and TV and Facebook then you probably missed all of this.

Last thing here; I see a lot of memes claiming Indians hate this, or are mad about that, so on and so forth. I spend a considerable amount of my life in the company of other Indians – I have yet to hear someone actually bring up in a conversation or a meeting any of those things that we are allegedly so angry about. By and large we are a really happy people who laugh a lot. About the only thing people do genuinely get upset about is out and out racism, being treated as a novelty and cultural misappropriation. That is just rude.

I hope all this helps with context around Indians.

Not a Civil War! Just Some Righteous Leftie Speech!

They trash cars, break windows, light fires, loot stores.
They obstruct, assault, and hustle speakers off of college campuses.
They attack with deadly weapons pro-administration demonstrators or mace them in the face.
They block roads and insist it is their “free speech” right to detain citizens trying to go about their life.
They occupy the streets and shout “F**k the cops!”
They stab police horses in the neck.
They foam about the mouth about the violent overthrow of the government.
And now, they’ve started shooting. Their vultures are landing with claws. But, Nancy Pelosi is shocked, outraged, and offended that anyone thinks Democrats’ rhetoric might be a contributing factor to the mayhem.
Well, let’s see… [the rest of this post is not my composition, but a popular and mostly factual copy/paste going around social media.]
“This is an ugly list. It deserves to be seen following this morning’s dedicated shooting of “republicans.” All of the people in the list below need to be aware of the possible consequences of their actions. These people in the list reach out to MILLIONS of people and influence them. Thank you to Luciane Sergipe (I stole it) for originally posting it.
1) Tim Kaine asked for blood on the streets.
2) Loretta Lynch wanted bloodshed and violence against republicans.
3) Obama asked for his supporters to rise up.
4) CNN announced who would take over the government if all elected republicans were KILLED during Trump’s inauguration.
5) A NY play shows the killing of Trump.
6) Snoop Dog kills Trump in a video.
7) Kathy Griffin decapitates Trump in a photoshoot
8) Madonna – “I’ve thought a lot about blowing up the White House.”
9) Robert De Niro: “I’d Like to Punch Him (Trump) in the Face”.
10) Avengers director Joss Whedon: “I Want a Rhino to F*ck Paul Ryan to Death”.
11) The creater of the Wire, David Simon: “Pick Up a G*ddamn Brick” if Trump Fires Robert Mueller.
12) The Wrestler actor, Mickey Rourke Threatens to Beat Trump with Baseball Bat: “He Can Suck My F*cking D*ck”.
13) Actress Lea DeLaria Threatens to ‘Take Out’ Republicans and Independents with Baseball Bat after Trump Win.
14) Rapper YG Threatens Trump with “F*ck Donald Trump” Song.
15) Marilyn Manson Kills ‘Trump’ in Music Video.
16) Rapper Everlast Warns Trump: “I Will Punch You in Your F*cking Face”.
17) Larry Wilmore Jokes About Suffocating Trump with ‘Pillow They Used to Kill Scalia’.
18) Stephen Colbert’s Late Show Puts Stephen Miller’s Head on a Spike.
19) Sarah Silverman Suggests Military Could Help Overthrow Trump.
20) Kathy Griffin promised to beat up Baron Trump…
21) JUAN Thompson threatened to blow up a JCC.
22) The Portland killer Jeremy Christian, a Bernie Voter, killed two.
Bad apples or a rotten tree?”

Not Yet A Civil War

This country is not yet in a civil war simply because no one is yet shooting back.

If the violence from the Left does persist then people will get around to shooting back at the Leftist just as surely as night follows day.

That is how these things go.

There are Democrats all over the country working feverishly to make sure that it does not get to that point. However they are in quite the predicament in that it is hard to walk back the situation that they have created without at least implying, if not outright saying, “I am sorry I was wrong.”

Democrats have been resisting having to say ‘I was wrong’ for 190 years. Never having to say you are wrong is a hallmark of the Democrat Party.

The Democrats are in the unenviable position of having to choose between running a very real risk of an actual civil war of some kind – with actual violence and shooting aimed at Democrats – or alienating a significant portion of their base who seem to be fully on board with violence against Republicans – even eager for violence.

Either way they will not be making an electoral progress anytime soon. While this shooter yesterday intended to murder Republicans, what actually died was any hope of the Democrats being entrusted with power at any point in the foreseeable future.

The pro-shooter rants on Facebook and Twitter are merely emphasizing that reality. Even if the Democrats as a party decide to walk back the violence with a mea culpa there is no guarantee that the Progressives will follow.

Buckle up…

When People Believe Propaganda

It was just two weeks ago that, in the wake of President Trump withdrawing from the Paris Accord, politicians and celebrities and Leftist were claiming that Republicans were ‘killing our children’ and ‘murdering the earth’ and endless absurdities. The problem with propaganda such as this is that a segment of the population will not recognize it for absurdities and propaganda – but will think it is real and true. Of course if you really do believe that Republicans are going to kill your children and murder the earth you might decide it is important to stop that.

Tim Kaine, the Democrat nominee for Vice President in 2016, called for ‘blood in the streets.’ Yesterday he got his wish.

Just about twenty-four hours ago a fellow full of envy, jealousy, anger, resentment, disgust, and hate – in other words a Progressive – made his attempt to stop it by using a rifle to shoot at Republicans. He did indeed wound two Republicans including a congressman as well as two police officers. This fellow believed the propaganda – and extrapolated out the message he was being fed in order to execute action commensurate to what he had been told – “They are murderers and they must be stopped.”

This fellow left quite the trail of opinions in his wake in many different venues, including this recent gem on Facebook:

“Trump is a Traitor. Trump Has Destroyed Our Democracy. It’s Time to Destroy Trump & Co.”

It would seem undeniably true that ‘Destroy Trump & Co.’ was his violent intent.

Are the politicians and action groups and celebrities who proliferate these absurdities going to stop proliferating the absurdities? Of course they won’t. We saw yesterday in the wake of the shooting that they automatically ran to their old reliable ‘gun control’ – no mention of having called Republicans murderers. This problem won’t be solved because the people proliferating the absurdities have no intention of stopping. I suspect that the folks spreading the lies are not all that bothered by the logical outcome being for people who believe that the absurdities are truth to use force against those they have been told are the sources of all their misery.

We will continue to see the unthinking people repeat the propaganda endlessly on Facebook and Twitter. In much the same manner that the exact same people cannot connect the dots that socialism always enriches the 1% and impoverishes the 90% they will not connect the dots that repeating the lies results in violence.

The heart of this problem is very simple – as a culture we now care very little for truth and very much for narratives that satiate our emotions and what we wish was true. This is not limited to the Leftist – or do you indeed think that Rafael Cruz was hanging out with Lee Harvey Oswald to plot killing JFK – but permeates the entire culture. That being said, the Progressives are unsurpassed in their creativeness at weaving hate and fiction into a narrative that thirst for blood. We hear it in the anti-white racism, in the calls to kill policeman, in the accusations that Republicans are murderers – on and on and on.

It is not difficult to guess where this goes. It will end up in something akin to a civil war. I have no idea why the Progressives are so determined to force that outcome but they apparently are convinced that a civil war will cure their ills.

Sometimes societies just collectively go insane.

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