The Greed Of The Left

Find the most virulent anti-capitalist, left-wing socialist person you can and then check and see if they ever made any of the following statements:


“I really hope the value of my house drops by half.”

“I really hope that when I retire my 401(k) is worth a quarter of what it is now.”

“I really hope the government slashes my benefits.”


Of course they have never made a statement like that. The anti-capitalist, left-wing socialist believes that greed is something someone else is plagued by. It does not apply to them!


Reality is, they want the value of what they own to rise and they want their income to rise just like everyone else. They just want to use the power of government to make sure no one doing better than they are will have values and incomes rise.


This is a good example of the nonsense in our culture and our politics.


“Anyone who has more than me is greedy, anyone who has less than I do is lazy and this government needs to remedy this right now!”


Pretty much it.


Do you want prices to drop, quality to improve and value to rise? We have an actual solution to that. The solution is competition. We see that everyday with companies like Airbnb, Uber and Netflix. They devised new ways to compete in established markets and they have dropped the cost, raised the quality and provided value to their investors.


The more that competition is interfered with then the higher the prices, the lower the quality and the less the value. Taxes, regulation, licensing and government mandates are all methods which inhibit competition. Of course these are exactly the methods the statist embrace. By forcing you to pay more for less they argue that they are making it ‘fair’. In reality they are making nothing ‘fair’, they are simply using force to transfer your money into the pockets of their friends.


If you stand back a bit and look at it, you have to laugh at those who decry the ‘greed’ of capitalism while voting themselves more money that other people earned. Treat them as the greedy hypocrites that they are.

Insurgent Tribe Speaking July 8th in Montrose

On Saturday, July 8th Insurgent Tribe will be speaking on the constitution and the history of Indian rights in Montrose, Colorado. If you are on the western slope or the Four Corners area come join us! $20 includes presentations, tour of the museum and food! Proceeds go to the Montrose High School Constitution Club.

For tickets:


Other Side Gloat of the Day, Charles Blow Barack Obama Edition


Amidst New York Times columnist Charles Blow’s psychoanalysis of Donald Trump (summary: Trump’s persona politica is all about Barack Obama and his blackness) Mr. Blow unleashes this paean to Obama:

Obama was a phenomenon. He was elegant and cerebral. He was devoid of personal scandal and drenched in personal erudition. He was a walking, talking rebuttal to white supremacy and the myths of black pathology and inferiority. He was the personification of the possible — a possible future in which legacy power and advantages are redistributed more broadly to all with the gift of talent and the discipline to excel.


It is not a stretch here to link people’s feelings about Obama to their feelings about his blackness. Trump himself has more than once linked the two.

Well, that is one description of the man and his presidency, though I can think of others. There is much to be angered and disheartened about that in 2017 it is virtually impossible to criticize Barack Obama’s explicitly transformative vision for the American constitutional system without being told it’s all because we want to erase the legacy of the Black Man. Uh, no. It’s because we want to undo the damage wrought by a president who has little regard and less use for such principles as limited government, separation of powers, a faithful executive, federalism, the primacy of private institutions, free enterprise, and free markets. Who put more faith and drive into redistribution and burdensome regulation than he ever did in economic growth, opportunity, free choice, and personal responsibility.

I don’t pretend to understand or appreciate all of Trump’s thinking about governing. It has been and will be a wild ride. But it is clear to any fair observer that he is more interested and engaged in where he thinks America should steer than he is in chasing the ghost of his predecessor. It is also clear that it is his predecessor who is displaying unprecedented ideas and creepy practices aimed at keeping his ghost around haunting the place. But, to criticize or resist him  is to invite the tired slander of the scarlet “R”

The race scolds don’t smell their own irony when they accuse critics of racism even as they somehow find in almost every policy debate an essential clash over race. Any conservative who engages ideological liberals encounters this gaslit smack in the face on a regular basis. Charles Blow might be more modulated than Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, but be sleeps in the same philosophical bed.

Spinal Tap Instead Of 1984

Never have so many been so obtuse about so much for so long?


During the eight years of Obama $15 trillion in net wealth was transferred from the bottom 93% to the top 7%. Largest wealth transfer in history – and the Leftist call this “Progress”! No, they really do.


The current GOP healthcare bill is a monstrosity – but the Left is complaining about how 20 million people may lose their insurance while ignoring that approximately 80 million lost their insurance under Obamacare and another 22 million or so are now paying for health insurance that they cannot afford the deductible. Some how that is acceptable but what the GOP is doing is not?


What the GOP is doing is unacceptable – but arguing against the GOP and in favor of Obmacare is a non sequitur.


Insurance premiums have risen 113% in just the last four years! Deductibles have risen 67% under Obamacare! A study by TransUnion Healthcare shows that


– 63% of hospital bills were $500 or less; of those hospital bills, 68% were not paid in full in 2016.


– 14% of hospital bills were $3,000 or more; of those hospital bills, 99% were not paid in full in 2016.


– 10% of hospital bills were $500 to $1,000; of those bills 85% were not paid in full in 2016.


Great coverage! Obamacare is nothing more than corporate welfare for insurance companies, as it was meant to be. The legislation was written by a former VP of Lobbying for WellPoint!


Once again – the Left calls this ‘Progress’! This is Spinal Tap politics- “it goes to eleven!”


There is simply no way to morally defend Obamacare with out pretending that one hundred million Americans simply do not exist. That is the level of obtuseness required in order to make an argument in favor of the Affordable Care Act.


If someone was to make a parody documentary about Progressives no one would be able to suspend disbelief long enough to believe it was true, but people would laugh at every absurd line in the film. Yet here it is in real life right before us. Transfer $15 trillion in net wealth from the bottom 93% to the top 7%? Progress! Strip-mine 30% of the net wealth of the middle class and 45% of the net wealth of the poor and give it to the 1%? Progress! Make people give their money to insurance companies in exchange for benefits never realized? Progress!


Once again – no one would believe this if it were not before our eyes – yet here it is.


Quite a few people are comparing our situation to 1984 or Animal Farm (I have indeed committed that offense quite often) – but perhaps the analogy really is Spinal Tap?


Still not at peak absurdity!

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