I said a few days ago that our society was brittle – our institutions, governments and systems.


The most significant cause of this brittleness is that we have removed elasticity from nearly everything – we removed elasticity by removing volition and outlawing individual human judgment. We have limited individual choices and we have driven people into channels in which their only volition is within that channel that others have determined they should be in. Employment, healthcare, education, transportation – the list goes on and on. We have regulated and taxed away not just choices – but the very ability people have to make choices and take action in order to solve their own problems. We have created a model whereby nearly everyone must depend on and wait on some other entity to solve the major problems of life.
We spend an awful lot of time as a culture debating how some entity should be solving our problems rather than discussing the insanity of relying on another entity to solve our problems. Our reliance on these entities to solve our problems could possibly be the source of our ‘collective insanity.’
The brittleness here is a result of the rigidity which the American people seem to demanding. Obama institutionalized the concept that society will forever consist of half the people being winners and half the people being losers. Many of the Trumpsters seem to have their hearts set on continuing that model of governance – simply flipping themselves from having been the losers under Obama to being the winners under Trump. Many of the Obama people who enthusiastically supported inflicting this model of governance on the country are now justifiably fearful that what they spent eight years doing unto others will now be done unto them.
This is simply an insane way to govern. It is a crazy method of governance and an insane operating procedure for society. It is insane that these Obama supporters spent eight years cheering on the deprival of rights, the violation of conscience, the removal of volition from the lives of those they politically and culturally opposed and are now demanding the protection of their rights, conscience and volition. There has perhaps never been a political position in all of American history as undeserving of sympathy as their position is.
However to continue this model of governance will destroy whatever remains of America.
Those of us old enough to remember way back to the 1970’s recall the mantra adopted by the post-Viet Nam American Left: “Everything is political.” From this philosophy sprang forth the concept of ‘political correctness.’ If everything, and everything you do, is political then you need to make sure that everything you do is politically correct (from the Lefts point of view). Of course the very essence of this ‘everything is political’ is tyrannical – it has the simple goal of compelling society to conform with an ideology by injecting political meaning into even the most benign and mundane of human activities. It has the singular goal of removing individual human judgment from the equation in favor of group judgment conforming with a specific ideology. If the participant fails to conduct even the most benign of his activities in the politically desired manner that participant will be punished – and so it is and has become.
The question begs – are you enjoying life when everything is political? We have worked our way all the way down to using the rest room in the ‘everything is political’ motif if you had not noticed. Is this what you want? Little to no volition in how you make both the mundane and the major decisions in your life? Every activity being judged on its’ political effect and the volition to exercise individual judgment being effectively outlawed in favor of the group think of whomever can muster a political majority?
If you like it or not – it won’t last and it won’t be lasting because of the brittleness it has created. Employment, healthcare, education, transportation and on and on and on – entities which we have determined should be solving these problems and countless other problems are simply incapable of doing so and must resort to ever more draconian and contradictory and inefficient solutions. The dwindling marginal utility of these institutions to solve problems is visible to even the most casual observer. The consequence of that at the moment is ever more ludicrous propaganda papered over with a mountain of debt which will never be paid back without inflating it away in an orgy of devaluation.
In other words at present the only answer to the dwindling marginal utility of these institutions to solve problems is to strive evermore for peak absurdity.
We have built societal dependencies on institutions which are failing.
Buckle up…

Stuck In Time

We all seem to have this thing we do where we get stuck in time on a particular topic. We all do it with music – some timeframe in our life in which the music meant something and we just do not proportionally progress from that timeframe. For example – I find myself listening to a lot of Led Zeppelin and The Who, I know all the words to ‘Thick As A Brick’ by heart. However it is not just music – we all have a favorite era from the past for vehicles and art and many other things.

Unfortunately people also seem to have a favorite era in the past for political and economic solutions. Everyday I see people arguing for solutions as though we were still on the gold standard, as though Humphrey-Hawkins never existed, as though every dollar of credit introduced still resulted in three or four dollars of economic growth rather than the twenty-five cents of economic growth each dollar of additional credit is now producing, as though we were not completely aware that socialism (including ‘democratic socialism’) did not achieve parity via mass poverty.
This is part of our general national disfunction – we keep trying to solve the problems of the 1950’s or 1970’s or 1980’s over and over and over again – even though those problems are long gone and we are off to a brand new set of problems that will require a brand new set of solutions. This makes us collectively very vulnerable to politicians and propagandists who will exploit our fondness for our favorite solutions from the past. To a large extent these politicians and propagandists are setting up straw man problems which fit the solutions they wish to implement – none of which will solve the actual problems we have but which will inevitably make their friends wealthier at your expense and get them elected.
Even if their sincere intent is not to ‘make their friends wealthier at your expense’ that is the inevitable outcome of these straw man arguments. Smart people can make a lot of money on that delta between fantasy and reality.
‘Wealthier at your expense’ has been the model for some time now – and the ‘wealthier at your expense’ model has been accelerating since the late 1970’s. I could go through explaining a whole bunch things that occurred in the 1970’s that would explain why this is – but suffice it to say that it is overly simplistic to argue that simply rolling back to a pre-1971 world would solve our problems. That world no longer exist.
This is the heart of where we are as a culture, as a society, as a nation – the world we were taught we lived in, the world we expected to live in and the world we actually live in do not match and we seem to have unnecessarily difficult time dealing with that reality. I am sure there are sociologist and psychologist who possess all kinds of theories as to why that is – but we are being torn apart as a culture, as a society, as a nation because it is. Misdiagnosing problems and arguing vehemently over the appropriate solution to the misdiagnosed problem has now replaced baseball as the national pastime. The basis of these solutions is typically that the last one hundred or seventy-five or fifty or twenty years simply didn’t occur – it is deceit (intentional or not) by omission.
It is self-delusion.
“Sometimes societies just collectively go insane”
*By the way I am not exempting myself from this self-delusion – it is ubiquitous – but I do try very hard to be aware of it and try my best to validate my facts beyond simply finding data that confirms what I want to believe is true. That being said sometimes I am no doubt self-delusional as well. This is an observation not a ’holier-than-thou’ argument.

Transgenders Are Oppressed By Hats Which Reflect Genitalia

No, amazingly enough this still does not qualify as peak absurdity – we still have a mountain of absurdity to climb to reach the peak –

Some of those who are transgendered are claiming that pink hats with cat ears are oppressing them – because they represent female genitalia – “The reclamation of sexual objectification and historically objectifying words is a cisgender white woman’s game” and Marie Solis said

“pussy hats set the tone for a march that would focus acutely on genitalia at the expense of the transgender community. Signs like ‘Pussy power,’ ‘Viva la vulva’ and ‘Pussy grabs back’ all sent a clear and oppressive message to trans women, especially: having a vagina is essential for womanhood.”

Read about the absurdity here.