It Is All About Control

I hear and read the daily screeching about universal healthcare and free college and endless items to which people believe they are entitled.

Entitled is the correct word here and this is why: be it healthcare or housing or education or anything else there is nothing preventing these folks from forming voluntary associations in order to collectively accomplish these goals among themselves without the use of government what so ever.
There is nothing stopping these people from forming organizations to collectively cover healthcare cost or education cost or housing cost. There is nothing stopping these people from sitting down and writing a check themselves.
However that is not what they want to occur and not what they will do. What they want to have happen is to have government pass laws and create regulations to control the lives of others. If this was not the case they would have formed these voluntary organizations in order to accomplish these goals by now – but they have not.
Hence the only logical conclusion to draw is that it has nothing to do with healthcare or housing or education – it has everything to do with controlling your neighbor and helping yourself to your neighbors stuff.
It is all about control – not helping other humans. If you believe otherwise, no matter how sincerely believe that, you are being conned.
It is all about control.

The House Healthcare Reform

The healthcare reform bill passed by the House yesterday is an improvement on Obamacare – and in some respects a major improvement. I do not consider that a debatable point. It is better than Obamacare.


What is debatable is if it is better enough?


Much in the same way that the argument is made that Trump is better than Hillary the argument that the House version of healthcare reform is better than Obamacare misses the point. Will it / can it solve the problems we have?


Of that I am doubtful. Making it ‘better’ and solving the problem are not the same things. True of Trump and true of healthcare reform.


Claiming Trump is better than Hillary or that GOP healthcare reform is better than Obamacare is a very low bar.


Clearing that low bar does not equate to success.

Laura Hillier Didn’t Have to Die. Single Payer Killed Her With Bad Budgeting and Bad Facility Management.


A beautiful young woman, full of life and only 18, died recently. She didn’t have to. She had a curable form of leukemia. She needed a bone marrow/stem cell transplant. There were abundant compatible donors. All she lacked was the right kind of specialized operating room.

This young woman didn’t lack for health care “coverage.” She was in the hands of the lauded Canadian health care system. Universal coverage promised to all. Except, there was a backlog to get the right kind of room for the needed procedure. There were 30 people booked ahead of her. Laura Hillier deteriorated, suffered, and died while waiting for her elusive appointment with medical rescue.

Her recorded message to the world is haunting. Listen to it embedded in the Toronto Star’s account of her illness and death, and her parents’ campaign to bring change to Canadian health care. According to the the Daily Mail, Laura’s doctors told her there were numerous compatible donors. They just couldn’t quite schedule her yet.

After Laura’s death and her parents’ passionate campaign to draw attention to the senseless problems that caused it

The health ministry approved more than $100 million in spending recently to redirect hundreds of patients who will probably die waiting for transplants in Ontario to hospitals in Cleveland, Buffalo and Detroit. More than 200 cases have been outsourced since September, yet only 19 patients have made it there so far.

As Americans debate the future of our own health care system, it is worth remembering policies and grand designs should be judged based on their results, not on their aspirations, intentions, or paper promises. American facilities in Ohio, New York, and Michigan (Detroit, Michigan!) offer capacity  that the well-intentioned Canadian system cannot.

Maybe America’s system would improve even more if we could get government further out of it and free exchange further into it.