Why The Healthcare Bill Matters

I shared the quote this morning from Thomas Massie – “If [Trump] becomes establishment, then the next revolution is not going to be at the ballot box. I mean they are literally going to be here with pitchforks and torches if electing Donald Trump didn’t change anything. What the hell is going to change anything? That’s what I think may be the next step.”

What he said matters and here is why it matters – and why things like the healthcare bill matters. I did not vote for Trump (I didn’t vote for anyone for President because I didn’t think any of them should of been President) but I want him to do well, I want him to succeed for exactly the reasons Massie explained above. When Trump does the right thing I will applaud him, when he does the wrong thing I will say that too. If Trump cannot succeed in changing the culture, changing how government goes about its’ business, ‘draining the swamp’ as it is now being referred to – then I suspect we are doomed as a national entity.

The healthcare bill that was shot down matters because it did not repeal – but it matters much more because it did not change the paradigm. This is what Massie is getting at. If we do not change the paradigm we are done.

If you liked or agreed with the healthcare bill or hated it – take a step back and understand there was and is much more at stake here than simply a healthcare bill and what that bill did or did not do. What is at stake here is the genuineness of draining that swamp and changing that paradigm. Everything else that is proposed to come next – massive deregulation, reducing the bureaucracy, tax reform, renegotiating the debt limit, infrastructure – is going to be much more difficult than this healthcare bill was to get passed.


Much more difficult.

There needs to be genuine authentic massive change from and in DC. If there is not – and if it is not tangible and soon – I have little doubt that change will be forced upon us and them. I have particular grave concerns with Trump’s pledge not to address entitlements and hence the debt and all of its’ attendant problems and policies.

I understand the ‘this is what was politically possible’ argument – I would just point out that this argument has a limited shelf life which I think is close to expiration.

You really need to think through what Massie said – “I mean they are literally going to be here with pitchforks and torches if electing Donald Trump didn’t change anything. What the hell is going to change anything?” You may love Massie or hate Massie but if things are not substantially different, if the paradigm has not changed, then two or three years from now I am pretty sure change will have started to be forced through means other than politicians in DC.

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