“The answers you get depend on the questions you ask”

“The answers you get depend on the questions you ask.” – Thomas S. Kuhn

This is a profound statement that goes to the heart of our cultural and political troubles. Here is a good question to ask: “Why have we suffered through the greatest wealth transfer in history the last eight years – wealth being transferred by the trillions and trillions of dollars from the poor and middle class to the very wealthy?”
Why is no one asking that question? Why no one is asking that question is another excellent question to ask. Perhaps the reason no one is asking is because the answer would lead to the demise of 100% of the Democrat Party and perhaps 80% of the Republican Party. I suspect that is the answer to why very few candidates (and only those leaning libertarian) and virtually no one in the mainstream media has bothered to ask that question.
We do not ask the questions because we do not want to deal with the consequences of the answers. We almost always ask questions which we know beforehand the answers will be advantageous to us – no unpleasant consequences to have to deal with. Answers which will never compel us to have to say, “I am sorry, I was wrong.” Answers which will never place personal accountability on ourselves. Answers where it is always the fault or responsibility of someone else for our predicament.
A great deal of our collective insanity stems from our refusal to ask the questions which may result in answers with real consequences for ourselves. After someone has spent day after day, week after week, year after year berating others as being wrong – it is exceedingly difficult to ask the question for which the answer may be that the one doing the berating was also the one who was incorrect. As a culture we have lost the ability to confess to being in error and the consequence of that is that we have also lost the ability to learn. We have gained the ability to be manipulated by anyone who comes along and offers us an exit from the dreaded, “I am sorry, I was wrong.”
No matter how ludicrous, absurd or insane the option may be – as a society we inevitably take the option that allows to escape having to say, “I am sorry, I was wrong.”
This is not good for our mental health. That these ludicrous, absurd or insane options are what we most often prefer to truth – or even the most vague attempt at discovering the truth – has created a society of automatons who ask no more questions that what the political structure and media instruct them to ask. The political structure and media will never instruct them to ask questions which are not advantageous to the political structure and media. Ever.
So, why have we suffered through the greatest wealth transfer in history the last eight years – wealth being transferred by the trillions and trillions of dollars from the poor and middle class to the very wealthy? Why is no one asking that question? Pursue truthful answers to those two questions and the revolution will become very real very quickly.

When Will We Escape This Cycle?

How many times have we now been through the same cycle? The media breaks some sensational story about some alleged misdeed committed by Trump, media reports in whispered respectful tones (but on page one) about impeachment, we get a big build up that ‘this time it is different’, they really got the goods on Trump – and then people are sworn in to testify under oath and they once again say there is nothing to it.

This cycle is intended to prevent anything useful getting done by congress – not to impeach Trump. Pure and simple. Has nothing to do with anything of merit at this point – it is simply a blocking technique so that healthcare reform, tax reform, regulatory reform and so on have a less likely chance of succeeding.
At this point is has become so absurd that, like all good conspiracy theories, the lack of evidence is being cited as evidence. There are rank-and-file Democrats who are actually calling for every bit of electronic correspondence and every phone call he has made for the last several years to be reviewed for evidence collusion with the Russians. Mussolini would have been so proud!
This no longer is sensationalism – it is just tedious and boring for everyone except the true believers who want to believe that the only reason that Hillary lost the election was because of Putin interfering.
Sometimes societies just go collectively insane.

Shake Your Head

There are real racist out there. There are genuine neo-Nazi’s out there. The Holocaust really happened.

Bandying about these terms and making false accusations simply because you have spent almost no time actually thinking through an ill-conceived ideology that has failed everywhere else in the universe is not acceptable. It does not nothing but diminish those who actually suffered. Recently I read in an online forum where something true was posted – but off topic – and the Leftists (who dominate that forum) failed to address what was said but did in unison recommend that the poster be ignored because he must be a ‘white supremacist.’
Of course the irony was – it is an Indian forum to which only Indians are invited.
Still not at peak absurdity.
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