Quote Of The Day

Quote of the Day: “By many metrics, this market has never been more expensive. . . . What goes up has to come down. . . . I am convinced the central banks are so petrified to let a 1% or a 2% correction happen …

What does it mean when the central banks are so petrified that they can not even allow a correction to get started? That’s what people should be focused on.” – Chris Martenson

55 Years Of Healthcare History

Our healthcare allocation and expense keeps getting worse, we keep giving government more control, our healthcare allocation and expense keeps getting worse, we keep giving government more control, our healthcare allocation and expense keeps getting worse, we keep giving government more control, our healthcare allocation and expense keeps getting worse, we keep giving government more control, our healthcare allocation and expense keeps getting worse, we keep giving government more control, our healthcare allocation and expense keeps getting worse, ad nauseam.

55 years of healthcare history in a single paragraph.

Quote Of The Day

Quote of the Day: “The way that works is let’s say they want to unload $500 billion on some Tuesday morning.  Who is going to buy that $500 billion?  Who is on the other side of that trade?  Well, if there are not enough people bidding for those dollars, the price has to fall until you find enough people to absorb those, and the dollar would fall in value against all other sorts of other things such as other currencies, oil, gold, silver and all those things…

We would be looking for a paired event.  What we would be looking for is interest rates starting to rise on Treasuries and the dollar starting to fall in value against a variety of things.  Once we see those two things, we know we have a financial war or a monetary war…

That’s what blows up the derivatives market.  That’s what makes difficulties for traders.  That’s what makes the high frequency computers say I don’t like this and bolt and instantly evaporate from the markets.” – Chris Martenson

Thinking It Will Never Happen To You

“We have become stupidly politically correct, which is the death of comedy,” – Mel Brooks

Apparently political correctness is the death of the NFL and everything else it touches as well.

‘Political correctness’ has its’ origins in the academic world of the 1970’s and was originally a reference to Leftist obtaining positions in the academic world. The thought process (or lack thereof) was derived from the Marxist concept that ‘everything is political.’ If indeed ‘everything is political’ then it follows that it requires Marxists, i.e. those who are ‘politically correct’, to be in the appropriate positions to create what the Marxist found educationally/politically/socially/economically/culturally/legally desirable.

What we see from the Left today is the follow through on that concept that ‘everything is political.’ Statues, art, history, economics, entertainment, the court system, bakeries, football, Boy Scouts – you name it – is subject to politics. The concept here is a simple one – to use force and coercion to compel society to comply with a single vision of what all of society should be. It is the opposite of freedom and liberty and the key is always in destroying individual rights.

That the proponents of political correctness are destroying their very own individual rights never occurs to these folks – they all assume that the ‘evil others’ will lose their rights – but not them. It never occurs to them that the system will ever turn and they will be labeled the ‘evil others’.

Of course the Left is inevitably hypocritical in this regard – while they have no moral issues with forcing a baker to bake a cake or face losing his livelihood – the very moment it is suggested that athletes who kneel during the national anthem are less than profitable for the NFL they will scream that their First Amendment rights are being violated.

Yes, it is that absurd.

Let us review a little politically incorrect yet accurate history in order to illustrate how people never think it is their rights that will be crushed. Both the Soviet Union and the Nazi’s, in their earliest days, were very open to and accepting of homosexuals. Yes, I know – this is about as politically incorrect as one can be in 2017 America but it is the truth. Gay men and women rose to high positions in the parties and governments. Before I get attacked for blasphemy go learn something about Ernst Röhm. Lenin openly invited gay people to serve in his government. In the 1920’s the Nazi’s had to persistently fight the public perception that they were the ‘homosexual’ party – primarily because after Hitler, Röhm was one of the public faces of the party.

This is not a tirade against people who are gay and I am not implying that if you are gay you would support a Nazi or a Bolshevik but it is an example of what happens when you decide that force should be used to suppress or eliminate individual rights – the rights of anyone. The homosexuals who were a part of the early Soviet and Nazi movements never thought that these socialist movements would turn against them. They fully believed that these movements represented freedom – and power – for themselves after the preceding monarchies had criminalized the behavior. That both the Soviets and the Nazi’s would soon criminalize the very existence of the people that they had previously welcomed, and indeed throw them in to gulags and concentration camps and execute them by the untold thousands, never occurred to them when they were advocating for the suppression of the rights of others for the good of the ‘collective’. Now – this is important and why principles such as those I am espousing in this post are important – the people who supported the Bolsheviks and Nazism prior to gaining the complete power they would gain never thought or believed it would end in the murder of tens of millions of people. When vying for power the Nazi and Bolshevik parties promised to use the suppression of individual rights in order to further equality and fairness and only those who had gained advantage ‘unfairly’ would be subject to retribution and would have their rights suppressed. In other words only those who were found ‘politically incorrect’ would suffer. People support socialism because of the political promises that are made by socialist, no rational person supports socialism because of the outcome. To this day socialist Cuba still jails homosexuals.

Near the beginning of this post I said, “use force to compel society to comply with a single vision of what all of society should be.” The inevitable error is that the advocates of the suppression of individual rights always believe that the vision will be static and that the vision will always agree with what they individually want it to be. This belief is contrary to all we know about human nature – yet support for the suppression of individual rights is premised on this belief. There is currently a great cry from the Left to silence speech that is proclaimed to be racist – empowering government and others to determine what is and is not acceptable speech. What is even worse – you now have all kinds of people from across the political spectrum calling for the speech of someone else to be silenced. This virus of tyranny is contagious. These people obviously never think that empowering the government – or employers or anyone else – to silence speech will ever spin around and be used to silence their opinions and criminalize their actions – but history tells us that is what always occurs.

That the ‘vision’ will change always happens and when you allow the suppression of individual rights to occur it is always disastrous. Those who advocate for the suppression of those rights just never think it will happen to them – until it is too late. People who think that the right of other people to speak or think or believe or act should be subject to what a group finds appropriate never think through that the group may someday find what they speak or think or believe or act may be found politically incorrect and that they will be punished for their very existence.

It is almost as though they never read Animal Farm, let alone the Gulag Archipelago.