GOP Uselessness

It appears at this time that the Republican model is to steal just a tad less than the Democrats did and consequently look like heroes for having done so.

What may save us from that fate is a handful of GOP senators who will not go along with the program. The promise to actually repeal Obamacare may be the only viable option on the table due to the unwillingness of a few to go along with the faux repeal-and-replace efforts. The bulk of the GOP in DC seems to think that relabeling Obamacare as Trumpcare will be sufficient – never mind the eight years of promises to repeal and the actual votes to repeal that passed a GOP House and Senate under Obama – when there was no threat of Obama signing the repeal.

This is the worst of DC politics – fundamental promises made and then relegated to the trashcan as soon as they have your vote. This is a coalition that unanimously says one thing while 95% do and believe quite another thing.

Quote Of The Day

Quote of the Day: “Sentier Research, an organization that focuses on income and demographics, publishes monthly updates on household incomes. Their numbers tend to be direr than Lance Roberts’ on the topic. According to Sentier, May 2017’s median household income is roughly 1% above the median of $58,711 set back in January 2000.” – Richard Rosso


For quite a few years I have commented on the obtuseness of the Left – stunning in its’ completeness. Nowhere is this obtuseness more evident than in trying to explain how Trump won the election. At the heart of every explanation the Left has for Trump winning is the belief that everyone who voted for him is a bigot. Let’s just call it what it is. Oh – and Trump cheated. With the Russians. We don’t know how – but he did.

The reality that Obama and the Democrats spent eight years strip-mining the poor and middle class of their net wealth is no where in the equation as far as the explanation the Left has for why Trump won. $15 trillion in net wealth was transferred from the bottom to the top under Obama – and where that net wealth went from and where it ended up correlates quite nicely with the map of which counties Hillary won and which counties that Trump won in 2016.

This theft feeds nicely into the belief of the political Left that they are a superior species. The Left thoroughly believes that they acquired this wealth by being smarter – not by monetary and fiscal policies that made the transfer inevitable and intentional. That 93% of the people have less net wealth after eight years of Obama never occurs to them as the cause of President Trump. To be blunt – most of these folks will never see the parts of Kentucky or Wisconsin or Oklahoma that had the wealth stolen from them. Those in coastal California will never even wander one hundred miles inland to see the portion of their own state driven into poverty due to these policies. Folks in Boulder and Denver will never stray 150 miles east to see what happened – and if they do they will simply write it off to their being a superior species and that the stupid rednecks get what they deserved.

Let us be frank – that response is the response social media howls daily.

“People are defining their politics not by positive thoughtful principles, which requires thinking and can be difficult, but rather by how much they hate the other side, which is simple and requires only outrage.” – Dennis Prager

The American Left has simply arrived at the point that if you do not agree with them you are dismissed as an inferior being and you do not count – if you do not buy their story that is sufficient evidence to the Left that you possess a fatal character flaw that allows the enlightened to dismiss your humanity. In a nutshell – that is what it has come to. This approach can only be maintained by omitting from the equation the data that disproves the theory, hence the Left must delve ever farther into a fantasy universe, a dream state. That the Left cannot confess to the impoverishing of so many via their policies and legislation – and consequently cannot offer a remedy to a problem they deny exist – is the source of their continuing electoral isolation.

That is a phenomenal degree of obtuseness.

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