The Big News About Obama ABC NBC CBS and CNN Aren’t Telling You.

The National Security Agency under former President Barack Obama routinely violated American privacy protections while intercepting and analyzing internet communications. Circa news has obtained a previously classified order by the Foreign Service Intelligence Court which concludes that about 5% or 1 of every 20 intercepts violated Americans’ civil rights, and further, that the NSA failed to disclose the scope of violations to the FISC.


In other words, the worst suspicions of administration critics are confirmed. The Obama administration routinely conducted electronic surveillance of Americans. And not just any Americans. Other recent disclosures of CIA coordination with foreign intelligence agencies confirm how much of this stolen information was used: to try to damage the Trump campaign and swing the 2016 election. The administration did do exactly what it is alleging the Trump campaign did: hack and collude and try to steal the election.
In a sane world, this story would be massive. In a world with a serious media—that wasn’t the attack arm of the Democrat Party–this story would lead the news casts for days. In a society with better informed citizens, this story would be the subject of anger and concern even if the networks are trying to black it out.
We don’t live in that world. Since the news broke a few days ago, a Google search for “Obama National Security Administration surveillance” shows intense interest and alarm by conservative outlets, from Fox News to specialty websites, but not a single mention from any other national network or publication.
There are obvious reasons the national media would prefer to keep this story invisible. To say it makes the Obama administration look bad is an understatement. It reveals intelligence officials as partisan agents. It bolsters Trump’s allegations that Obama spied on him. It detracts from the fabricated frenzy against Trump and collusion with Russia. It raises the obvious question how an unheard of source like CIRCA broke the news of a major Obama scandal while the networks were too busy protecting the administration to cover it.
This story will stay out there. It will get legs. Some reporter who, through guilt or ambition wants to pretend to do real reporting, will ask Obama or former NSA head James Clapper or CIA Director John Brennan to comment or to deny the story. This could explode yet.



Shake Your Head

There are real racist out there. There are genuine neo-Nazi’s out there. The Holocaust really happened.

Bandying about these terms and making false accusations simply because you have spent almost no time actually thinking through an ill-conceived ideology that has failed everywhere else in the universe is not acceptable. It does not nothing but diminish those who actually suffered. Recently I read in an online forum where something true was posted – but off topic – and the Leftists (who dominate that forum) failed to address what was said but did in unison recommend that the poster be ignored because he must be a ‘white supremacist.’
Of course the irony was – it is an Indian forum to which only Indians are invited.
Still not at peak absurdity.

Fake News From the Tribe! Trump Harasses Saudi Sword Dancers.

NBCBSNN reported today that sources close to the president divulged, on condition of anonymity, that President Trump blurted out “Some of those Saudi sword dancers’ butts looked pretty trim and grabbable, if they weren’t dudes.”

Chuck Schumer immediately called for a special prosecutor to investigate Trump for harassment, homophobia, and disclosure of classified presidential lusts. Nancy Pelosi said: “Well, he has to uncover the dancers to see what’s under the robes.”

Sean Spicer was hiding in the bushes. Ann Colter was formulating something fiendishly clever but did not immediately return calls. Rachel Maddow scheduled a 4-hour special on MSNBC.

Pressure is mounting for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to appoint an independent figure like James Comey to get to the bottom of these serious allegations. “I don’t see how he can avoid impeachment if he doesn’t move quickly to clear this up,” said disinterested commentator Hilary Clinton.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is an Equal Opportunity Affliction

Trump Derangement Sydrome comprises both anti- and pro- . The Mark of the Deranged is this: They can never–they are unable–to evaluate or comment on a word or deed of Trump objectively. Was it a good word? Good deed? Or bad word, bad deed? Will it have good or bad effect?
Their minds don’t work that way. It is always hominem first. Hominem good or hominem bad. They must find or contrive the worst possible thing to say about it. Or the best possible thing to say about it. They must ascribe it sinister motives, or saving power. They are bereft of the ability or the will to just call balls and strikes.

Dennis Kucinich(!) States the Obvious: Federal Officials are Trying to Torpedo Trump.

It’s not often I agree with former Ohio Congressman, presidential candidate, and liberal firebrand Dennis Kucinich. So, it was a surprise to hear him say something about the Trump Russia hysteria that I believe makes sense. The Washington Post’s bombshell story about Trump hurting national security by leaking secrets to Russia stinks. Or, it has “a high BS quotient” in Kucinich’s pungent phrase.
The Post asserted based on anonymous sources, that Trump disclosed highly classified information to Russian officials about ISIS terror plots. The gist of the article was that Trump had bungled, had compromised a relationship with an ally, and had endangered the ally’s spies on the ground in exquisitely hazardous circumstances.
Trump’s security advisor H.R McMaster has authoritatively rebutted that version of events, but Kucinich asks an obvious question: “If this information was so sensitive, then why did intel leak it to the Washington Post? Whoever leaked it undermined the alliance.”
Indeed. If former “security officials” were aghast that Trump had confided things he shouldn’t, then,their natural response would be to run shrieking to complicit national reporters to publish all those details to the world, right? Where, as a result, ISIS knows as much about the “sensitive information” as do the readers of the Post and consumers of all the ripple effect coverage.
It is obvious that the leakers and printers of this story were more interested in the damage they could do to Trump than they were concerned about the damage the information might do to America’s national security. We are witnessing an attempted coup by coordinated ongoing attacks by former and current federal officials against America’s duly elected president. Interesting times.
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