A Trump Skeptic’s Defense of the White House Policy Barring Cameras and Live Feed From Press Briefings

Media bigs and activist hots are in high dudgeon about the recent White House policy barring cameras from press briefings. “Freedom of the press!” they scream. “The people have a right to know!” they remonstrate.

Let’s consider this. All the nation’s self important scribes will be in the room. They all get to hear and report on every word the president says. Every syllable he utters will be under intense scrutiny, dissected into puree, distorted, baked in a liberal cake, and then served in fictionalized cupcakes to the public. In other words, business as usual.

The president is not escaping scrutiny by this policy. Rather, he is shifting the playing field on who gets to be star of the show. We live in uncharted times. Our threatened elites and their imperial media allies believe the president’s vulgarity plus their disgust and contempt equal impeachable offenses. The media has declared open war on the administration. Truth and facts are not important ordnance in their arsenal. They will manufacture any nonsense that can control the narrative for a news cycle, and then they will move on to the next piece of nonsense. They have swarmed like mosquitoes around his head from the shocking moment he was elected.

They will keep doing it even under the new policy. Then what difference does the exclusion of live feed and moving cameras make? Well, under those terms of engagement, the distorted reporting will have to focus on Trump’s answers. The Big Pens and Big Hairs who think they are part of the story won’t be afforded free air time to look like champions of the people lying their truth to power. Instead of making smug, righteous speeches on national TV, they will be relegated to composing and reporting to their national audience their distortions of what the president of the United States actually said.

Oh, the ignomy, suppression, and censorship. The media might have to fill the airtime with their assassinations of Trump without the satisfaction of all their pontificating being an equal part of the story.

I think this policy will marginally improve the reporting from the pack of hyenas.

Government Beggars, Bluffers, and Bullies, and the Truth about Colorado’s Taxpayer Bill of Rights.

They fib about everything. In their endless campaign to get their hands deeper into Coloradans’ pockets, all the government pleaders, the non-profit advocates, the squinting analysts, and the sniffing journalists agree on their biggest enemy. The main target, the bête noir, the great white whale, public sector enemy number one is the Colorado Taxpayers Bill of Rights, the TABOR Amendment.
The taxing crew is forever trying to convince the skeptical public that TABOR, adopted by voters in 1992, has changed Colorado from a bountiful land of milk and honey into a North American colony of Somalia. This post is the first in a Tribe series that will explain why that charge is bogus and the taxers know it’s bogus.
The Moaners’ Litany:
First lets review a few of the descriptions of TABOR from the taxers.
The Denver Post is more measured than most when it says TABOR is “inefficient and ultimately hurtful to our growing state. [snip] TABOR’s powerful check on government spending in reality has been a padlock on the purse-strings. [snip] We are convinced Colorado needs more revenue to fund the quality of life we’ve all come to expect from this great state.”
The Colorado Fiscal Institute laments that TABOR saddles the state with “antiquated tax policy” that produces “painful results.”
The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities warns that TABOR is a “formula for decline” that causes “essentially a permanent revenue shortage” that “slowly starves the services on which state residents rely”
And, of course, to protect the children, the National Education Association weighs in to condemn TABOR as
“a proven failure” that is “destroying public services in Colorado.”
Simple Proof They are All Dissembling:
So, are the critics right? Is Colorado withering on the vine? Does state government lack the resources to provide quality modern services? Does its budget put it in the company the bottom 10% or 5% of states? Or closer to the level of a developing nation?
Not at all, any of that. The basic budget fact is that Colorado has about as much money for its population as any other state. Less than some, more than others, and above the national average.
A recent study by the Kaiser Family Foundation (no libertarian outfit) analyzed the budgets of all 50 states, including general funds, federal funds, and other state funds. The study reports Colorado at $6,320, ranks 23rd in per capita spending, right in the pack and a little above the middle.
It’s a very interesting list, and poses questions about some of the high and low placers. But, importantly, here are a few of the states that spend less per capita than Colorado: 26. Maine–$5,811; 28. Pennsylvania–$5,746; 31. Virginia–$$5,623; 32. Ohio–$$5,609; 33. Washington–$5,598; 34. Michigan$5,364;
As it turns out, California, at $6,420 lands just three spots above our Rocky Mountain home. And if government spending more money is the key to better living, why are so many Californians coming to Colorado? The US average, incidentally, is $5,777, landing between 27 Nebraska and 28 Pennsylvania. Colorado spends 9% more than the national average on each of its residents
The takeaway from these figures is that money, like all resources is finite. We all would like more. Your kid’s baseball team holds fundraisers because it needs more. Your school PTA does too. And the Girl Scouts. Every person, family, institution, and government would like and could use more money.
But, next time of one of Colorado’s public money hungry sob sisters tells you that TABOR is tightening his/her corset, don’t give in to guilt. Don’t let them off the hook without demanding better information. Smile and ask, why are you such a poor budgeter? Why do you need 9% more than Virginia for decent schools? Why do you need 9% more than Washington for decent roads? Why do you need 8% more than Kansas to provide health and human services?
The answers should be enlightening.
To be continued…

Strip-Mining The Middle Class And Poor

For the eight years of the Obama administration the middle third of Americans suffered a 30% loss in their net wealth (everything in) and the bottom third suffered a 45% decline in their net wealth. Only the top 7% of Americans saw an increase in their net wealth while billionaires on average doubled their net wealth. This was the sum total of what eight years of Obama brought us.

It gets more interesting from there – if you look at a map of counties which voted for Clinton or voted for Trump (easy to find online) the Trump and Clinton counties match more than 80% with the counties that the Progressives strip-mined assets from and where that wealth went. These assets strip-mined from the poor and middle class were redistributed to a few counties heavily populated with the 1% that also voted for Clinton. The people from whom the assets were taken are Trump counties and not populated with the 1% what so ever.

For the millionth time – “If socialist understood economics they would not be socialist.” – Hayek.

Over the last eight years my experience has wholly and completely been that Progressives will stop at nothing to deny, obfuscate or dissemble in regard to this data. This data simply destroys any myth of ‘progressivism’ that the Progressives would like to spread. Over the last eight years Progressives have executed the largest asset transfer in all of history – a transfer of assets from the poor and middle class to the very wealthiest. It is undeniable and the data is there for anyone who cares to look at – unfortunately it appears that zero Progressives care to look at that data for if they did they would certainly no longer be a Progressive.

The folks living in the counties that had the wealth taken from them certainly understand that this happened. They may not be able to explain how, or what the mechanisms were, but they certainly know that this has occurred. This is exactly the reason that you have a President Trump.

The folks living in San Francisco and New York and Boston appear oblivious. They apparently have acquired the belief that because they are good Progressives the $15 trillion in additional net wealth magically landed in their laps. “See how well progressivism works!” These folks are reticent to give that wealth up – and even more reluctant to let go of the levers of elitist power that allow them to strip-mine assets from the poor and middle class in order to continue the flow of wealth into their pockets – because, you know, strip-mining wealth from the poor and middle class is ‘Progressive.’

The rank-and-file Progressives generally have no clue as to any of this – and they certainly do not have the intellectual or moral curiosity to go explore any of it. Rank-and-file Progressives are so focused on hating whomever they are supposed to hate this week that any accusation that they are tools of the 1%, regardless of the volume and irrefutability of the data presented (“It’s a Republican trick you Trump supporter!”), that they simply have no time to explore their own conscience or the who actually benefits from their beliefs.

If Progressives did explore their own conscience and who actually benefits from their beliefs and if they could muster that moral courage in the face of the evidence then this country would not on the verge of civil war. The perfect awareness of the 1% is that by inflating the rank-and-file Progressives with not just hate but the belief in their own moral supremacy then the chances of the rank-and-file Progressives ever saying ”I was wrong” is greatly diminished – no matter how irrefutable the data demonstrating that they have made an error.

We have now reached the point where Facebook and Twitter are aflame with Progressives celebrating and advocating for violence against Republicans. If there are Progressives who stand against the violence I have not heard them. The verdict of history will be that silence is acquiescence.

The net sum of the current environment is that Progressives are advocating for killing Republicans in order that wealth transfers from the poor and middle class to the 1% can continue. Get through all the spin, all the propaganda, all the fake news, all the false allegations, all the hate – it simply comes down to Progressives who are willing to stop at nothing in order to strip-mine the poor and middle class and enrich the 1%.

Still not at peak absurdity.

John Kerry’s High Emissions of Smoke and Nonsense on the Paris Accords.

More in anger than in sorrow, former Secretary of State John Kerry last week donned his old Vietnam combat greens, climbed into a CBS News studio, sat down, and started machine gunning out fallacies and non sequiturs about the US withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accords. Secretary Kerry, (actually clad in his customary blue suit) called it perhaps the most self defeating move in American history.
Given time and space, I’d like to discuss a certain nuclear giveaway that an official of the previous administration negotiated with some friendly, reliable Iranians. But, back to the hot topic du jour (I’ll throw in some French to impress him) Kerry rattled off a string of fluffy talking points that went mostly unchallenged by his interviewer.
195 countries have been working “for decades,” with America in a leadership role, and Trump just unilaterally walked away from it! He is abdicating American leadership in the world and we will not have a seat at the table.
That takes a little unwinding. In 2001, George Bush withdrew America from Kyoto Protocols signed by Bill Clinton, but never submitted to the US Senate. There were howls of European outrage then too. Just 15 years later, the global jet setters put the ink on the Paris accords, with America supposedly leading the band. Apparently withdrawing from Kyoto didn’t end the discussion, or America’s important role in it. Contrary to characterizations, though, America was less in a leading role than in a sugar daddy role. The agenda was driven by green extremist and socialist globalist elites eager to sink a redistributive IV tube deep in Uncle Sam’s Arm.
Kerry disputes this was a bad deal for America. No country he insists “is required by this agreement to do anything except what that country already agreed to do for itself.”
More unwinding: The Accord assigns steep carbon reductions to America and wealthy Western powers, offers weaker, longer term targets from the major emitters like China and India, and sets up massive subsidies and transfers from the prosperous nations to the developing ones. It is a bad deal. If Kerry is saying no one tortured him or forced him to accept terrible terms, well, sure. He just got pantsed at the poker table. Because that’s what he and his boss wanted to happen.

Further, it is an inconvenient Constitutional truth for Kerry and Obama that “this country” did not agree to anything; they did. And, ce n’est pas l’état. (More French!) It turns out the Constitution assigns a certain role to the United States Senate in binding America to international obligations. In point of fact, the Obama administration “unilaterally” walked into signing the Accords just as unilaterally as they wail Trump elected to unsign them. Funny how that works.

Asked if higher energy costs would hurt jobs and the economy, Kerry launched fully out of reality’s gravitational pull. No! This is an opportunity to grow jobs and the economy. The fastest growing job category right now, Kerry asserts, is wind turbine technician, with millions of that and other green energy jobs created in recent years.
More unwinding. Kerry’s claim, even if accurate, is irrelevant and economically illiterate. He is stumbling in the fallacy of “the seen and the unseen” first described by French political philosopher Frederic Bastiat. (I probably should register as a French foreign agent). We can see where government stirs up economic activity by distorting the market and steering tax subsidies and ratepayer burdens into an industry that might otherwise not be viable. Companies start up. They hire people. They build products. Solyndra goes broke. Oops. Wrong narrative.

But we can’t see if those are really created jobs or inefficient jobs of crony plunder, because we can’t see where the costs and opportunities flow from to pour the money to create the illusion of jobs. We don’t know where else those dollars would have been spent. What other goods and services they would have supported.

This dynamic is also described in the Broken Windows fallacy. If doing an action, like breaking a window, puts a window maker and installer to work, then we should break every window in town and put more window makers to work. We’ll all get rich together.It should be obvious that’s a mistaken idea.

Bottom line: Kerry was fiery, full of certitude, and wrong and illogical on every point.

Watch for yourself.


That Sounds Good to Me Chancellor Merkel

It’s reported that German Chancellor Angela Merkel says US German relations are strained.
“The times when we could fully rely on others are to some extent over — I experienced that in the last few days,” Merkel told her supporters, according to Bloomberg. “We Europeans must really take our destiny into our own hands.”
“Of course we need to have friendly relations with the U.S. and with the U.K. and with other neighbors, including Russia,” she continued. “We have to fight for our own future ourselves.

So I guess the shot at England is the disdain of global elite for Brits daring to defy Brussels and vote for Brexit. The funny thing about this is it should be possible to have an open trade zone without surrendering local self government to bureaucratic domination by unaccountable Eureaucrats in a foreign capital. Long live free Britannia.

And, it goes without saying that the shot at the US is for having the gall to elect Donald Trump who says Europe needs to pay for its own defense. Well, Mrs. Merkel, if you think Europe should do more with its own hands for its own future, I’d say Mr. Trump’s bluster is bearing some dividends.

Trump Exposed. The Shocking Revelation That Ensures Impeachment. A Tribe Exclusive.

Been thinking. The Trump collusion story finally makes perfect sense. The New York real estate mogul was sure the DNC and Podesta had compromising dirt on their computers. So what did he do? Did he talk to a guy who knows a guy and hire a hack job here local for a couple million? (Put American hackers back to Work Again!) NO!
He let loose his campaign to negotiate with Russia over global cables that everyone knows are spied on by all the cool agencies from every nation and villain in the Bond movies.
“Hey, Vlad, the New York Times is being pretty rough on me. Do you think you could dig up some dirt on Hillary and could you see if you can, ya know, change the narrative? That would be yuge if you could counter her billion dollar campaign machine, and neutralize the full weight of America’s media and give me the presidency.
“If you could do that for me, you have no idea the things I’ll do for you! I’ll increase US energy production to torpedo your major global asset. I’ll increase US defense spending. I’ll badger NATO to increase its own defense spending. I’ll blow up your toy dictator’s planes in Syria. I’ll bash you at the UN. This is a deal you can’t refuse!
Vlad calls back on the red Bat Phone, assured of total confidentiality. “This sound good, Donald. I’ll give you election. I’ll take off shirt and flex pecks. Ladies go crazy. I’ll…
“Wait. No, not necessary. I got American voters under little finger. They do what I want. I’ll just leak few Podesta emails to show what weasel is Hillary. Then you win. Then you do all you promise. Da?”
“Wait, Donald…offer only include weasels DNC and Podesta. I’m not sharing stuff I got from bathroom server. That stuff too potent and sensitive.”
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