Inherent To Your Humanity

The United States was intended to be a constitutional republic. The United States was not intended to be a democracy.

In a democracy the majority rules. It is quite simple, 50%+1 and you are required to do what ever the 50%+1 decides.

In a constitutional republic each individual possesses inalienable rights, rights provided by their creator and not by government. The United States constitution is a document intended to restrain government from transgressing against the rights provided to the individual by their creator. These rights shall not be infringed. These rights are not up for a vote, they are inherent to your humanity. Each individual decides what they will do, whom they will do it with, what they will own, what they will say and what they will buy and sell and at what price without interference from others. The only caveat is that in doing this they may not transgress against the inherent rights of others.

There is but one reason to prefer a constitutional republic over a democracy – and that reason is that a constitutional republic is the only form of government ever devised that recognizes and defends minority rights. That is it. Each transgression of minority rights is a betrayal of our constitution and republic. Truth is that we have so shredded minority rights in this country that the constitution and the concept of a republic are all but dead.

I am not diminishing the efforts of those, including myself, who work feverishly to restore the constitution and the republic. It is an uphill battle – not the least reason is the education system is profoundly anti-constitution and anti-republic (and why shouldn’t they be? They get to vote themselves raises if the republic is abolished!). The historical reality is that democracies never last but republics do. Democracies never last due to human nature. The temptation to vote yourself wealth and property from the minority, the temptation to use the power of government to insist that the minority live their lives the way the majority wishes, the temptation to be King via coalition has proven irresistible.

Democracy has also proven to be the source of unresolvable conflict and endless bloodshed. It can be no other way – human nature requires that it will devolve into using the force of government to violate the rights of others. Democracy is never the path to peace, happiness and prosperity. Eventually people simply get sick of living in a democracy due to the never ending electoral competition in regard to whom gets to control whom. Inevitably the 50%+1 is persuaded by those with sufficient resources and skill to do the bidding of the rich and powerful. This is the psychological, sociological and historical reality to democracies.
In a constitutional republic each individual has inalienable rights which are not be transgressed. In other words – the majority may not vote themselves your property or to decide how you should live your life. Government has no ability to place restrictions on you and how you wish to live your life. Minority rights – and the smallest minority is the individual – are defended with government force rather than transgressed against via government force.
Choose wisely…

An Honest Socialist

There is always quite a debate about small government vs. large government.

Allow me to submit that small government vs. large government is not really the question – the question is the role of government.
The proper role of government is to defend individual rights.
A few years ago I experienced the rarest of rare moments – an intellectually and morally honest conversation with a socialist. To the question I ask – why socialism? – the response was that he was willing to pay for services he wished to receive. Ha! Imagine that! No ‘save the poor’ and no ‘punish the rich’ and no ‘evil capitalist’ and no ‘you are a racist!’ – simply ‘I am willing to pay for these services to be provided by government’.
That we disagreed that government was the best method for providing these services was okay because one can have a rational disagreement and a rational conversation on that basis.
One cannot have a rational disagreement or a rational conversation when the basis for socialism is that you are evil and a racist if you are not a socialist. That American socialist have been taught to dwell in land of the irrational in order that logic, truth and reality not be applied to their notions hence shielding them from anything rational which may sway them from their ideology is not an accident.
Fortunately the fellow with whom I engaged in this conversation was European and was not infused with any of the Social Justice Warrior fantasies that his American socialist counterparts have become drunk on.
The weakness of government-as-service-provider is obvious. Government has extraordinary legal, regulatory and legislative power to destroy competition. Government-as-service-provider is a de facto monopoly. As with all monopolies government will focus on its’ own fortunes and not those of its’ customers. We see examples of this in Denver where the RTD (RTD runs the busses and light rail) will continually spend more and more money for a smaller and smaller market share while also continually running to legislative and regulatory solutions in order to defend its’ market share and elevate the hurdles that private competition must clear. One would rationally think that if government were interested in the most affordable and most accessible transportation possible that making the life of private entities that provide modes of transport more difficult would be a non-starter. Yet what we see is just the opposite – government regulating private entities that provide modes of transport that are more affordable and more accessible than what government provides in a manner that makes private solutions more expensive and less accessible.
Government cannot compete with private entities as a service provider unless government uses its’ extraordinary powers to hobble the private entities.
This takes us right back to the proper role of government – to defend rights. Passing regulation in order to hobble private entities with the explicit goal that government services will not disappear due to their gross inefficiency when competing with the private entities is a transgression against rights. When we empower government to pick winners and losers only one outcome is assured – that government will be the winner and everyone else will be the loser.

The Political Lie

“A lie told once remains a lie but a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth.” – Joseph Goebbels

“We can and must write in a language which sows among the masses hate, revulsion, and scorn toward those who disagree with us.” – Vladimir Lenin

“The end may justify the means as long as there is something that justifies the end.” – Leon Trotsky

“It was pride that changed angels into devils; it is humility that makes men as angels.” – Saint Augustine

Humility was once a sought after virtue in American culture, now it is scorned as weakness. As Trump might say, “For losers.”

The very last words that it would seem anyone wishes to utter in American culture are the words, “I am sorry, I was wrong.” As a society we will repeat the lie a thousand times, even when we indisputably know it is a lie, rather than say the words “I am sorry, I was wrong.” Part of this is the culture of academia permeating outward, i.e. ‘one narrative is as good as another.’ The relativism and nihilism of academia, the abandonment of not just a journey to the truth but the denial of truth itself, has indeed taken us down the path to where objective evaluation of true or false – or even better or worse – is as quant an idea as the curtsey.

We have reached the point where any political/cultural/societal lie is acceptable if we can rationalize that the end justifies the means. The end is always ‘we are right and the other fellow is wrong’ and in order to validate that any means, including lying, is socially acceptable. In order to acquire that moral plateau where lying about the other fellow is good and justified we must demonize the other fellow – “hate, revulsion, and scorn toward those who disagree with us.”

Even if we do not lie about others – we have a societal tolerance for those who do. No penalty will be paid for the political/cultural/societal lie. We have normalized it.

In addition we have also reached the point where the other fellow being in error is utilized to justify the argument that there is no truth. In other words, people who do still believe in that quant notion of true and false must be able to ascertain what is true 100% of the time or face the public attack that their being in error on some matter, no matter how trivial, justifies there being no truth what so ever. Trump mastered this technique, Bill and Hillary Clinton mastered it decades ago and Bernie Sanders (and his wife as well if you believe the Justice Department) have built an entire life on this technique.

We that declined to vote for Bernie, Hillary or The Donald in this last election are by and large disgusted – but it is the path that society has decided to journey. The demons of pride will rule until humility returns us to the *relative* status of angels.

Humility will come back into style, it always does.

I May Make You Feel

“People are defining their politics not by positive thoughtful principles, which requires thinking and can be difficult, but rather by how much they hate the other side, which is simple and requires only outrage.” – Dennis Prager

This statement is true for the Trumpsters and the anti-Trump folks. However there is a major difference – the eight years of Obama brought the greatest wealth transfer in history, a transfer of net wealth from the bottom 93% to the top 7%. Billionaires on average doubled their net wealth during the eight years of Obama and billionaires are funding the agitation against Trump. For every Leftist example of the (libertarian) Koch brothers there are ten examples of billionaires funding the Left. Billionaires fund the Left because they grow wealthier from the policies of the Left while the majority lose.

It is the same story the world over. If you really want to look at something funny, look at how Bernie Sanders has had to rotate his examples of ‘successful socialism’ around the world: the Soviet Union, Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and his latest example of Denmark. Sanders changes his examples because each example of ‘successful socialism’ eventually becomes a hell hole of misery where the very wealthy have all of the wealth. I would be very worried if I was Danish.

Quick observation: I find it beyond fascinating that Sanders latest favorite example is a monarchy – has the United States come full circle from 1776?

“If socialist understood economics they would not be socialist.” – Hayek

The last thing these billionaires want their minions to do is think. The billionaires are quite adept at feeding the Lefts individual belief in themselves as the superior species – and to the insecure and socially needy this is worth more than gold. Having a bogeyman to attribute all of the difficulties in life to is quite convenient – and those billionaires who can pull strings in the media and that are willing to spend considerable sums of money to keep the massage of ego’s and reaffirmation of self-worth based on Leftist groupthink going is of considerable value to these folks. Feeling good matters more than actually doing right.

That is not to say that Trump is all that and a bag of chips – his policies range from the courageous to the absurd. Most telling, Trump has been adamantly unwilling to deal with the lethal threats to the future of the United States – entitlements and monetary policy. In other words what can really kill us he is unwilling to address. Not that Obama or W or Clinton were willing do that either – they were not.

There is a lyric from an old Jethro Tull song, “I may make you feel but I can’t make you think.” I try very hard to encourage people to think and it is always a much shallower slope to get people to feel.

In the end we get the government we deserve…

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