A Deranged or Dangerous Man

No, I’m not talking about the shooter in Virginia today, who obviously was both deranged and dangerous. I’m talking about Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe, who raced to the microphone to declare that tighter gun control is the saving answer, and blared two or three times, before staff choked him with a note, that America loses 93 million citizens a day to gun violence. Imagine that. In 4 days, America will have zero population.

93 million? What was his addled mind thinking? Terry McAuliffe is not a stupid man. He can’t have moved in the circles he has and prospered the way he has with a low horsepower brain. I propose that leaves two options. Either he had a neurological event so he didn’t hear or understand himself to say that we lose a over a quarter of the US population to gun violence every day, or he is sinister or evil and didn’t care at all about the accuracy of his comments; he just meant to go advance an agenda, regardless of the merits.

It is possible a staffer speechwriter just screwed up really badly and gave him a bad number, but then it still seems like question marks would go off in his head. Terry McAuliffe is mentioned as a possible Democratic candidate for president in 2020. This disgrace should squelch that nonsense.

Cold Civil War

There has never been anything quite like an ex-president trotting the globe trying to undermine his successor. Or the national media or federal bureaucrats doing their best to spread myths to un-elect the rascal the people elected. This is absolutely cold civil war. Elite America hates what common America voted for and will not let this threat to its privileges go unchallenged. The New York Times and CNN couldn’t be bigger hussies for the cause if they stood out on Pennsylvania Avenue and flashed their privies.

What If Trump Fails?

Gallup has released their updates for May and it is instructive. 28% of Americans have a favorable opinion of the federal government, while 55% have an unfavorable opinion. More interestingly – 47% of those polled said the government is doing too much and 45% saying it is not doing enough.

That single data point illustrates the divisions in this country – but it does not capture the intensity of those divisions. In a very real sense it no longer matters who is President – half the country will hate who ever is in the oval office. However we have moved far past the point of half the country simply hating who ever is in the oval office to the point of actively wanting to torpedo who ever that person is. Wanting to actively torpedo the President is an interesting strategy. It leads to the very logical question of what happens if you succeed in torpedoing Trump?

I have little doubt that if the Trump haters succeed in torpedoing the President that it will bring untold misery on millions or even tens of millions or potentially even hundreds of millions of Americans. It is almost cliché to repeat “I didn’t vote for Trump…” however I didn’t vote for the guy. I did not vote for him for some sound reasons – I don’t think he has the personality or skill set to get done what we need to get done. I don’t think he tells the truth too awful much. I don’t think he has the appetite to deal with our lethal problems.

All that being said – he is now President and hoping for his failure is most assuredly the same as wishing untold misery on millions. In other words – wishing for the failure of Trump is an indisputably immoral position to take. Here are the consequences of a Trump failure: Obamacare self-implodes and millions are left without healthcare. That is what happens if Trump fails. What is more, we are at the moment on the edge of a global financial and economic crisis and if Trump fails we will probably see a replay of the 2008-09 crisis or worse.

If Trump fails what comes from North Korea? ISIS? Russia? China? Iran? I will guarantee you nothing good will come of that.

I do not care whom you are – if Trump fails your life will get much worse. The life of your children will get much worse. Let that sink in before you wish for, advocate for or work for the failure of Trump.

It is almost impossible to imagine the level of obtuseness of those who wish for Trump to fail. The Progressives seem to think that if Trump fails they will be barraged with requests to save the day. I think if Trump fails the Left is much more likely to be barraged with bullets moving about 2800 fps than a request to save the day. That is the direction this is moving and I do not want that to happen. Why the Progressives think that is such a splendid idea completely escapes me.

If Trump fails then the United States and the world will be headed for political and economic crisis. The United States has previously survived economic crisis. The United States has previously survived political crisis. Two simultaneous crisis of the magnitude caused by a Trump failure, with the current level of division and hate in this country, would be incredibly challenging to survive – individually for some and nationally for all.

Trump may very well fail even without people trying to torpedo him. Obama left the world in a brittle state, more brittle than at any point since the 1930’s. We have problems that I cannot conceive of a potential solution and I just hope that we can find some incredibly smart people that can devise a solution.

It is easy to ponder “What are the Progressives thinking?” and then you realize – they are not thinking. Unfortunately the prospects of Progressives to begin thinking seem to be nil. By and large Progressives are ignorant people – and I do not use that word as a pejorative but as an observation. The people who wish for Trump to fail are oblivious to the hell that is likely to follow the failure of Trump. Saying that they are oblivious is the nicest thing one can say about them for if they are not oblivious but intentionally wish to bring this hell down on the heads of their neighbors and children they are simply immoral beyond words.

I despise Donald Trump. I think he is a full time ass and part time lunatic – but right now he is the only shot you have to avoid a once-in-a-century crisis.

Saudi Arabia And You

You may be wondering why there have been so many news stories about Saudi Arabia and specifically the political situation with the monarchy.


The reason for that is that when the United States left the gold standard in 1971 the system that replaced it is the Petrodollar. The Petrodollar is based on major oil producing nations only accepting United States dollars in exchange for their oil on the international market. This requires nations that purchase oil to have a supply of dollars on hand with which to purchase that oil. The easiest way for these nations to acquire these dollars is to buy the debt of the United States Federal government.


To connect the dots for you, this requirement to only accept dollars in exchange for oil is what enables the United States Federal government to fund deficit spending, hold interest rates as low as they are, and continually roll over our Federal debt (we never actually pay any debt off, we just borrow more money to pay off what has come due).


Consequently a change in the government of Saudi Arabia has a major effect on the economic viability of the United States. People often assume the United States is so involved in middle-east affairs because we need their oil – nothing could be farther from the truth. North America has been oil independent for quite a long time. What the United States needs is for these oil producing countries to continue to demand dollars for their oil in international sales in order for the United States to continue to fund deficit spending and not have to actually pay off any of our national debt.


Saudi Arabia is the backbone of the petrodollar system. If a government were to come to power in Saudi Arabia that was to abandon the petrodollar system it would have an almost immediate adverse effect on the quality of life and economic future of every American. This is our tie to Saudi Arabia. This is why we tolerate abhorrent behavior on their part.


This is why what happens in Saudi Arabia matters to you.

Politics And Markets

Sometimes I receive feedback to the effect of “I like your economics and market news but not the politics” or “Why do you talk about politics?”

The reason is simple: our current world has run to a quasi-Fascist model. It does not matter if you live in China or the United States or Germany or Tunisia – government policy, legislation and action are driving the markets. That includes the employment markets, wage markets, the equities markets, the credit markets, the commodities markets, real estate markets, all markets.

An actual free market and an actual capitalist system is a thing of the past. That is the reality of the world you live in. As a result it is impossible to separate the politics from the economics when all of the economics at its’ base are being centrally planned by the politicians or bureaucrats somewhere.

That being said, one of my primary goals is that an actual free market and an actual capitalist system is a not just a thing of the past but a thing of the future. I am an advocate of the free market and a capitalist system.  I am unapologetic about that.

If you do not like the fact that it is now impossible to talk about economics without also talking about politics then you ought not vote for those politicians who believe that the economic system should work as the politicians dictate and direct. I understand a great many people prefer to live in a world created by politicians. I do not have that preference.

I will continue to make the connections between policy, legislation, regulation and economic outcomes. If that is a difficult thing for you to swallow, suck it up buttercup. It will not be getting any better in the near future.

What Sustains Progressivism

Yesterday I posted as to the ever increasing toxicity of Progressives – which leads to the logical question of why do pockets of the country still support Progressivism? Why do states such as California, Illinois and New York seem politically dominated by Progressives, not to mention the major media, Hollywood, and so forth being dominated by Progressives?

That is a good and legitimate question which I will answer.

The most direct answer is that billionaires the world over support Progressivism. Seemingly endless amounts of money are available for organizing, marketing, buying people off – you name it. The money is there. I detailed not too long ago how Progressives are the tools of the 1%. It is true. Nearly every policy the Progressives support is, at the end of the day, simply a wealth transfer from the poor and middle class to the wealthy. I will repeat Hayek for the thousandth time – “If socialist understood economics they wouldn’t be socialist.” If Progressives understood economics then Progressivism would have about as much popular support as bringing back the Tsar.

Rank-and-file Progressives will go to almost any length in order to avoid acquiring the knowledge needed to make the connection between what they advocate for – in an increasingly violent manner – and transferring wealth to the 1%. As they condemn the billionaires – the very same billionaires who fund them! – as ‘capitalist’ they have been indoctrinated to conveniently ignore that the overwhelming majority of these billionaires have no interest what so ever in a free market. These billionaires are not capitalist – they are statist. These billionaires believe in enhancing and growing their wealth through the force of the state and that force is implemented via legislation, regulation, policy and court decisions. The very same legislation, regulation, policy and court decisions the Progressives argue in favor of.

Most modern Progressives will argue vehemently that they are not Marxist – in truth the Marxist view of the world is the view they have fundamentally adopted. Consequently the reality that leftist movements are always and inevitably co-opted as mechanisms of wealth transfer from the poor and middle class to the elite is simply not a truth which can be arrived at with the Marxist world view they hold. This was the great blind spot of Karl Marx – the elite would be in league with the socialist in order to enrich themselves. In retrospect it makes perfect logical sense – but from the Progressives inherently Marxist view of the world it simply cannot be the case hence they reject that possibility out of hand.

The idea that the fundamental battle is between the state, and those in league with the state in order to enrich themselves, and the individual whom the state wish to implement force against in order to extract wealth and limit the opportunity to compete against those in league with the state – simply does not fit within the Marxist paradigm that the Progressives have adopted and it follows that the Progressives reject that possibility out of hand.

That Progressivism exist primarily due to the support of those in league with the state in order to enrich themselves is a reality which rank-and-file Progressives cannot concede without destroying not just the ideology but the sense of inherent superiority which Progressivism has instilled in its’ adherents. It is difficult to admit that you are not only that gullible but that all those whom you have called racist, xenophobic and homophobic are actually the people standing against the 1% while the Progressives were doing the bidding for the 1%.

What a conundrum…

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