Laura Hillier Didn’t Have to Die. Single Payer Killed Her With Bad Budgeting and Bad Facility Management.


A beautiful young woman, full of life and only 18, died recently. She didn’t have to. She had a curable form of leukemia. She needed a bone marrow/stem cell transplant. There were abundant compatible donors. All she lacked was the right kind of specialized operating room.

This young woman didn’t lack for health care “coverage.” She was in the hands of the lauded Canadian health care system. Universal coverage promised to all. Except, there was a backlog to get the right kind of room for the needed procedure. There were 30 people booked ahead of her. Laura Hillier deteriorated, suffered, and died while waiting for her elusive appointment with medical rescue.

Her recorded message to the world is haunting. Listen to it embedded in the Toronto Star’s account of her illness and death, and her parents’ campaign to bring change to Canadian health care. According to the the Daily Mail, Laura’s doctors told her there were numerous compatible donors. They just couldn’t quite schedule her yet.

After Laura’s death and her parents’ passionate campaign to draw attention to the senseless problems that caused it

The health ministry approved more than $100 million in spending recently to redirect hundreds of patients who will probably die waiting for transplants in Ontario to hospitals in Cleveland, Buffalo and Detroit. More than 200 cases have been outsourced since September, yet only 19 patients have made it there so far.

As Americans debate the future of our own health care system, it is worth remembering policies and grand designs should be judged based on their results, not on their aspirations, intentions, or paper promises. American facilities in Ohio, New York, and Michigan (Detroit, Michigan!) offer capacity  that the well-intentioned Canadian system cannot.

Maybe America’s system would improve even more if we could get government further out of it and free exchange further into it.


Universities Fuel Growing Clash Between Fascism and Free Speech

An unlikely player is eroding one of America’s crowning contributions to human freedom. In a perverse role reversal, American universities are laying the ground work to alter the meaning of the First Amendment and the protections it has afforded free speech and inquiry for generations. The irony that the institutions thought to symbolize human learning and exploration should be leading the movement to control and restrict those pursuits seems lost on the activists and academics pushing that direction.

Recent violent and threatening incidents that prevented conservative or anti-leftist or simply provocatively intellectual figures from speaking at Middlebury University, Berkeley, UCLA and elsewhere have highlighted growing opposition to speech Leftist don’t want to hear. It’s not a new phenomenon. Researcher Stanley Kurtz reminds that protests to silence conservative speakers reach back to disrupting figures from the Reagan administration in the 80s, and have continued intermittently for speakers identified with Israel or the second Bush administration.


What’s changed is that the frequency and variety of incidents of mob censorship seem to be accelerating, students and activists are becoming more brazen and unyielding in their demands, they are taking their mission from the campus out to the streets, and university faculties and administrators are increasingly siding with the students and providing intellectual cover for the suppression of unwelcome ideas.
Now, we have unruly mobs not only blocking events on campus, but violently disrupting rallies supporting Trump on public streets. Berkeley’s paper, the Daily Californian publishes an essay by unidentified members of antifa–anti-fascist as they style themselves–asserting that to protect free speech and community safety, they will don masks and “militantly” disrupt speech they oppose.
We have the student government of Middlebury College–where hooligans recently chased off campus the eminent sociologist and author Charles Murray and injured the neck of the liberal professor who dared to accompany him—adopt an extraordinary resolution rejecting punishment for the disruptors. The audacious document declares that protest is a legitimate avenue not only to be heard, but to “compel decisive actions” by institutions. (Nice of them to let us know who is in charge). It also rejects resort to law enforcement because “arrest and criminal charges are associated with police violence and the carceral [sic] state,” smack of “the new Jim Crow,” stigmatize the protesters, and chill their future opportunities.
If this strikes you as lunacy, don’t look for backup from the “adults” running the university. Ulrich Baer, a professor and dean at New York University recently penned an essay in the New York Times “What the Snowflakes Get Right About Free Speech” siding with the students: True “free speech” should be understood to protect marginalized and victimized segments of society from dehumanizing and oppressive ideas of more powerful segments.
This creeping unofficial amending of the First Amendment is not going unchallenged. Legal Rights organizations like the Foundation For Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) have represented students and won many important cases against abusive campus actions. But, the victories can be Pyrrhic as universities are some of the wealthiest institutions in society. Litigation can drag on for years, recoveries are usually modest in amount, and school coffers barely feel a sting. Universities are either more fearful of, or likely more ideologically aligned with the leftist militants on campus than they are about an occasional legal setback.
Recognizing this dynamic, some commentators propose congressional action to reclaim liberty on campus. Legislation could change universities’ cost benefit analysis either by withholding federal funds from institutions that fail to protect free speech on campus, and allow mob veto to disrupt the rights of others, or awarding much higher levels of damages to students and faculty whose rights are trampled.
The debate is heating up. It’s not as if Congress has proposed a Constitutional Convention or study committee to reconsider the meaning of the First Amendment. But, leading harbingers of culture and education certainly have. The Convention is underway and the future of freedom is at stake.

Comey Testimony

The major take-away from this mornings testimony by FBI Director James Comey is that United States senators are technological idiots. That is not an issue other than these very same senators are proposing to legislate and regulate that very same technology and indeed completely fail to grasp that the legal and legislative solutions they propose are beyond irrelevant to the problems at hand.


It is kind of scary to think that this bunch has the power they have…

Please Go Away Hillary, Pretty Please

Even if one is fond of Bill and Hillary Clinton (which I am not) you have to hope that they just go away. They need to fade into retirement instead of rehashing all of the lame reasons they can find for having lost the Presidential election to Trump. We can all appreciate how Hillary must feel having been designated as the all time worst Presidential candidate in American history (she earned that title by virtue of having lost an election Donald Trump of all people!) but each time she tries to come out swinging she intensifies the pain we all feel by reminding us that the choices we had were Trump and Clinton.


Each and every time Hillary attempts to demand a reckoning she reminds the world why she lost – egocentric, self-absorbed and the very definition of every single thing being always all about her. Perhaps that is true of all Presidential candidates but she is terrible at hiding it – that she is so obvious about attempting to hide her self-absorption is what makes Trump look giving and caring in comparison.


I understand why Trump wants her out there talking – she makes him look good. I cannot imagine at this point in time that there is a single other human being on earth who wants to hear what she has to say about the election. Not even Bill…


Bad Budget News: Republicans Got Rolled. When Do They Act Like They Have a Majority?

House Republicans got rolled in the last round of budget negotiations, passing a spending plan that looks more like a holdover of Obama priorities than a blueprint for conservative reform. Funding for Planned Parenthood? Check. Money for Obamacare? Check. Dollars still safe for sanctuary cities? Check. Money to build a security fence on the southern border? Nope.

When do Republicans begin to act like they control the House, the Senate, and the White House? They always say they are one election away from being able to do big things, slow the rising tides of government, heal our over-governed nation.

What are they going to ask for to be able to act now? Conservative governments in Australia, Canada, France, and reform in the United Nations?


Life As We Know It Ended Two Years Ago, Predicted ABC Good Morning America in 2008.

On the heels of the amusing spectacle of global warming marchers in Denver huddled against icy blasts of Spring snow, and New York Times readers losing their collective mind after new-to-the-Times columnist Brett Stephens raised delicate questions about how far the settled science actually reaches (“Burn the witch!” is how David Harsanyi sums up the mob of commenters) it is useful to take stock.

The chasm is growing wider between activists who demand urgent action to reduce carbon, and the general public who places predicted warming somewhere on a spectrum of other immediate challenges, from the economy to health care to mushrooming world tensions.  The certitude and rigidity with which some activists and politicians demand Americans surrender their comforts and freedoms to sweeping “green” political demands is racing far ahead of what any reasonable body of science supports, and more to the point, is racing far ahead of the public’s willingness to comply or to elect politicians who will enact. It is driving the climatistas bonkers.

What explains this widening chasm? It might have to do with the Left’s poor 50 year record at predicting anything about the climate with anything resembling accuracy. New Ice Age! No, warming. The glaciers and poles and polar bears are about to disappear! Fires, and flooding, no bears!

Every measurable predicted catastrophe failed. The hard sell hasn’t worked. So the activists pound harder. More green bell! We need more green bell!. Eventually average citizens with real lives to live tune out the hyperventilation.

This clip from Good Morning America in 2008 is a classic of the genre. If you are reading this post, it must be from a survivalist bunker in the high ground somewhere well inland and away from combustible forests, while you’re rationing $12 milk and $10 gasoline. Enjoy.


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