Trump Exposed. The Shocking Revelation That Ensures Impeachment. A Tribe Exclusive.

Been thinking. The Trump collusion story finally makes perfect sense. The New York real estate mogul was sure the DNC and Podesta had compromising dirt on their computers. So what did he do? Did he talk to a guy who knows a guy and hire a hack job here local for a couple million? (Put American hackers back to Work Again!) NO!
He let loose his campaign to negotiate with Russia over global cables that everyone knows are spied on by all the cool agencies from every nation and villain in the Bond movies.
“Hey, Vlad, the New York Times is being pretty rough on me. Do you think you could dig up some dirt on Hillary and could you see if you can, ya know, change the narrative? That would be yuge if you could counter her billion dollar campaign machine, and neutralize the full weight of America’s media and give me the presidency.
“If you could do that for me, you have no idea the things I’ll do for you! I’ll increase US energy production to torpedo your major global asset. I’ll increase US defense spending. I’ll badger NATO to increase its own defense spending. I’ll blow up your toy dictator’s planes in Syria. I’ll bash you at the UN. This is a deal you can’t refuse!
Vlad calls back on the red Bat Phone, assured of total confidentiality. “This sound good, Donald. I’ll give you election. I’ll take off shirt and flex pecks. Ladies go crazy. I’ll…
“Wait. No, not necessary. I got American voters under little finger. They do what I want. I’ll just leak few Podesta emails to show what weasel is Hillary. Then you win. Then you do all you promise. Da?”
“Wait, Donald…offer only include weasels DNC and Podesta. I’m not sharing stuff I got from bathroom server. That stuff too potent and sensitive.”

The Big News About Obama ABC NBC CBS and CNN Aren’t Telling You.

The National Security Agency under former President Barack Obama routinely violated American privacy protections while intercepting and analyzing internet communications. Circa news has obtained a previously classified order by the Foreign Service Intelligence Court which concludes that about 5% or 1 of every 20 intercepts violated Americans’ civil rights, and further, that the NSA failed to disclose the scope of violations to the FISC.


In other words, the worst suspicions of administration critics are confirmed. The Obama administration routinely conducted electronic surveillance of Americans. And not just any Americans. Other recent disclosures of CIA coordination with foreign intelligence agencies confirm how much of this stolen information was used: to try to damage the Trump campaign and swing the 2016 election. The administration did do exactly what it is alleging the Trump campaign did: hack and collude and try to steal the election.
In a sane world, this story would be massive. In a world with a serious media—that wasn’t the attack arm of the Democrat Party–this story would lead the news casts for days. In a society with better informed citizens, this story would be the subject of anger and concern even if the networks are trying to black it out.
We don’t live in that world. Since the news broke a few days ago, a Google search for “Obama National Security Administration surveillance” shows intense interest and alarm by conservative outlets, from Fox News to specialty websites, but not a single mention from any other national network or publication.
There are obvious reasons the national media would prefer to keep this story invisible. To say it makes the Obama administration look bad is an understatement. It reveals intelligence officials as partisan agents. It bolsters Trump’s allegations that Obama spied on him. It detracts from the fabricated frenzy against Trump and collusion with Russia. It raises the obvious question how an unheard of source like CIRCA broke the news of a major Obama scandal while the networks were too busy protecting the administration to cover it.
This story will stay out there. It will get legs. Some reporter who, through guilt or ambition wants to pretend to do real reporting, will ask Obama or former NSA head James Clapper or CIA Director John Brennan to comment or to deny the story. This could explode yet.



You and I are Unspeakably Wealthy.

Every once in a while, I think about the incomprehensible material wealth of modern society. The way you and I live. That’s vague and lofty, so let me be more specific.
I had a bowl of beef stew for lunch. I sat reading articles longer than I intended so the bowl dried kind of brown and hard. I put it in the sink, turned on the hot water, let it flow and overflow, and then then grabbed the dishbrush to scrub away the crust. Simple.
But that quart or or two of hot water had to first come to me clean through delivered pipes, and then be heated, and sit in a tank, just waiting for me to turn a knob. Any impoverished waif could do it. But, how miraculous is that process?
Billionaire John D. Rockefeller would have had to expend far greater resources to get a clean-ish bowl placed in the sink. A servant would have had to draw water from the well. There would have to be a kettle boiling, or at least simmering.That would have taken another servant to relay some wood or load some coal to the iron stove. And smoke would filter through the house.
John D might have been the richest man in the world or close, but his life was a campout compared to ours. Would you rather be a billionaire in the early 20th century or a commoner today?

Trump Derangement Syndrome is an Equal Opportunity Affliction

Trump Derangement Sydrome comprises both anti- and pro- . The Mark of the Deranged is this: They can never–they are unable–to evaluate or comment on a word or deed of Trump objectively. Was it a good word? Good deed? Or bad word, bad deed? Will it have good or bad effect?
Their minds don’t work that way. It is always hominem first. Hominem good or hominem bad. They must find or contrive the worst possible thing to say about it. Or the best possible thing to say about it. They must ascribe it sinister motives, or saving power. They are bereft of the ability or the will to just call balls and strikes.

Nixons and Trumpers and Bears, Oh My!

The Left, meaning Democrats and their national media mouthpieces, are straining to paint le’ Affaire Russia as the reincarnation of Watergate and President Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey as Richard Nixon’s infamous sacking of Archibald Cox redux. Because, obviously, firing an investigator in 2017 is indistinguishable from firing a special prosecutor in 1973. The cases and allegations are identical. No facts, circumstances, or nuances could make any difference. Trump is Nixon, “nah nah nah nah, hey he-ey, goo-ood bye!”
Nicholas Krstoff offers a fevered expression of the indictment here and Jeffrey Toobin here. But this simplistic incantation is nonsense on political stilts.
A thorough and brilliant takedown of the lynch mob’s babble comes from Clarice Feldman here. David Harsanyi, a master of calmly undressing nonsense, exposes the illogic of the Democrats’ indictment here.
The reasons are many to discount the substance and sincerity of the braying accusers. Before addressing the details regarding Trump, let’s briefly distinguish Nixon canning Cox in ’73 and Trump offing Comey in ’17.
Cox was a real prosecutor with legal authority doing a prosecutor’s job. He was appointed by the attorney general because of specific allegation and probable cause to believe the president had been involved in crimes and their cover up. He was by definition supposed to be independent. James Comey, however, is a subordinate appointee in the executive branch who heads a bureau that investigates. He and other intelligence agencies have been “investigating” and surveiling for months before and after the election. But they don’t make charging decisions. Comey’s job is to gather evidence and turn it over to the Justice Department. Moreover, Comey is not synonymous with the investigation. According to Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe, Comey’s ouster does not impede any investigation, which continues.
Comey and former head spooks James Clapper and John Brennan all have admitted under oath and on camera they know of no evidence of collusion between Trump’s campaign and Russian agents. This after several months of investigation and surveillance of people associated with the Trump campaign. In other words: “There were rumors and we watched ‘em like a hawk with all the powers of the modern security state but we can’t put our finger on a blooming tidbit to leak.” Yet, for months they’ve been leaking like drunks who can’t find the restroom to embarrass the administration about something. In the high tech industry, this is known as vaporware—market shifting rumors about a product that doesn’t exist.
Even the above overstates the scope of the alleged “investigation,” which reportedly involves only the business dealings of Carter Gates, Michael Flynn, and Paul Manafort.
Importantly too, this sudden mania about ties with Russia is precious nonsense. Dealings between the Clintons, their associates, and Russian interests dwarf any alleged ties of Trump’s aides. Bill Clinton received half a million dollars for one speech to a Russian consortium. Hillary Clinton approved the massive uranium purchase by Russian interests that turned around and donated $2,000,000 to the Clinton Foundation. Clinton hacks John and Tony Podesta had lobbying financial ties with Russia that dwarf anything alleged against the Trump aides.Media and Democrat sudden bear fright is a head swivel worthy of the Excorcist.
Then, there’s the substantive contrast of Obama’s submissive policies and Trump’s early actions, which have been anything but Russophilic. Obama spawned the amateurish “reset.” He canceled missile defense agreements with Poland and the Czech Republic, humiliating allies and pleasing Putin. Obama mocked Romney for declaring Russia a geopolitical threat. (“The 80’s called…”). Obama whispered to Medvedev to “Tell Vlad I can be more flexible after my last election.” Obama looked the other way when Russia invaded Ukraine, refusing even to offer arms to the besieged Ukrainians. He invited Putin into a dominant role in the Middle East and stood mute as Russian forces bombed civilians and rebel forces America nominally supported.

After the cozy Clintons and two terms of the best friend in the White House Russia ever had, the sudden Democrat and media vapors over Trump’s stance on Russia is epically cynical, especially in the clarifying light of Trump’s different actions. Trump proposes increased US defense spending. He badgers NATO to spend more in its own defense in Europe. Trump proposes increased US oil and gas production, putting a painful squeeze on Russia’s only global asset. Ambassador Niki Haley regularly rebukes Russia at the UN. Trump bombed Russia’s client Assad. If this is any kind of payoff, then Putin is barely wearing britches and his suit is at the cleaners.


There is no serious allegation of collusion with Russia. There is no hint of favoritism under Trump toward Russia, rather the opposite, reversing the effete groveling of the Obama Clinton years. Yet Comey piously maintained he was still “investigating” these serious allegations. What, is there anything out there he might find that wasn’t captured during the months of surveillance? Is some unknown witness about to show up and say, “Yeah! Trump promised Putin the moon!” No. This is a charade to distract and discredit the administration. Whatever his motives, Comey was playing games to retain credibility with the left or to maintain leverage over the president to keep his job. It’s absolutely reasonable that Trump got sick of him and fired him. Nothing about his typically blunderbuss execution changes the facts. He didn’t have to let the leftist fantasy continue endlessly to generate more fake news and smoke and headlines about nothing. Nothing.
This all transparently adds up to Trump Derangement Syndrome by the Democrat Media echo chamber desperate to resist, object, and withhold acceptance and normalization of the loudmouth from Queens who proposes to change policy and do new and different things the establishment opposes.



Happy Mother’s Day–Odds and Observations

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers and children of mothers.

Here is an unhappy history of the happy day. It seems Mother’s Day was created by one Anna Jarvis not to celebrate the concept of motherhood generally, but as an occasion to honor her own deceased mother. Florists and card Printers joined the cause and promoted the idea of people everywhere honoring mothers, with flowers and cards, natch.


President Woodrow Wilson recognized Mother’s Day on the second Sunday in May and the natural, easily appreciated impulse to honor moms, fueled by marketing of the card and flower brigade, became a big cultural tradition. It’s not clear when big chocolate tried to muscle onto the playing field.
Anna Jarvis was unhappy with the commercialization and national appropriation and spent the rest of her life opposing what the day had become. She sued companies and events for using the name “Mother’s Day” and tried to have the holiday rescinded. She spent her last years in an asylum.
More currently, Google today has an inscrutable doodle it calls a wish for all Super Mums but looks more like an animated primer for cactus husbandry. Slate Magazine shares the warmth with a cheery column assuring Moms “You will hate your husband after your kid is born.”
On a happier note, which Anna Jarvis would surely disapprove, Time Magazine offers a list of what it calls the most popular Mother’s Day gift in every state.
And with that, Happy Mother’s Day to moms and children everywhere.
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