Dennis Kucinich(!) States the Obvious: Federal Officials are Trying to Torpedo Trump.

by | May 18, 2017 | Peak Absurdity | 0 comments

It’s not often I agree with former Ohio Congressman, presidential candidate, and liberal firebrand Dennis Kucinich. So, it was a surprise to hear him say something about the Trump Russia hysteria that I believe makes sense. The Washington Post’s bombshell story about Trump hurting national security by leaking secrets to Russia stinks. Or, it has “a high BS quotient” in Kucinich’s pungent phrase.
The Post asserted based on anonymous sources, that Trump disclosed highly classified information to Russian officials about ISIS terror plots. The gist of the article was that Trump had bungled, had compromised a relationship with an ally, and had endangered the ally’s spies on the ground in exquisitely hazardous circumstances.
Trump’s security advisor H.R McMaster has authoritatively rebutted that version of events, but Kucinich asks an obvious question: “If this information was so sensitive, then why did intel leak it to the Washington Post? Whoever leaked it undermined the alliance.”
Indeed. If former “security officials” were aghast that Trump had confided things he shouldn’t, then,their natural response would be to run shrieking to complicit national reporters to publish all those details to the world, right? Where, as a result, ISIS knows as much about the “sensitive information” as do the readers of the Post and consumers of all the ripple effect coverage.
It is obvious that the leakers and printers of this story were more interested in the damage they could do to Trump than they were concerned about the damage the information might do to America’s national security. We are witnessing an attempted coup by coordinated ongoing attacks by former and current federal officials against America’s duly elected president. Interesting times.