Education Federalism Executive Order

by | Apr 27, 2017 | Keith, Politics | 0 comments

Yesterday President Trump signed the Education Federalism Executive Order with the intent to review Obama-era education regulations and guidance. The executive order also directs the Secretary of Education to modify or repeal the regulations and guidance which she determines to be Federal overreach.
The entire concept of a Department of Education is Federal overreach – but this is a start.
As often as Donald Trump makes me groan, scream, want to pull my hair out and is sometimes just flat wrong (tariffs anyone?) when he executes on something such as this it is a tremendous step forward. The Federal government has zero business in providing regulations or guidance around education. Education is entirely the domain of local government and should be guided and defined by the citizens who reside within the school district and not bureaucrats and politicians in DC.
We do not yet know what will come of this. Based on recent history we can be highly confident the courts will eventually be involved. I also find it curious that it is limited to the ‘Obama-era’ rather than going all the back to Jimmy Carter.

Nevertheless, Donald Trump should be applauded for this one. Big step, big improvement.