Enjoying Democracy

by | Aug 11, 2017 | Keith, Politics | 0 comments

There is but a single reason to have a constitutional republic – that reason is the protection of minority rights. A constitutional republic is the only form of government devised specifically to protect and defend minority rights. Democracy is predicated on the abolishment of minority rights. Democracy is simply the will of the majority.

Many Americans – perhaps most? – can no longer accurately define the word ‘minority’ just as they can any longer define the words ‘republic’, ‘democracy’, ‘wealth’, ‘debt’, ‘freedom’ or ‘rights’.The minority are those who dissent, those who differ from the majority, those who disagree with the majority. In a constitutional republic all people have inherent rights that are irrevocable. Natural rights. Rights bestowed on them by their creator – not government. in a democracy the concept of a ‘right’ is the concept of making others do as you wish – others inevitably are the minority who do not wish to do what the majority desires.
In a constitutional republic – no one can vote away your rights or property. Your rights are not up for a vote.
The last eight years we have seen the greatest move toward democracy over a republic since Andrew Jackson took office. Government requiring people to violate their conscience has become routine. Government picking winners and losers based purely on who you know is the normal method for government to now do business. Taking money by force from the many and redistributing it to the few is called ‘economic growth’ while – wait for it – we have a public education system that simply does the bidding of the wealthy who are on the receiving end of these wealth transfers and convinces people that giving money to the wealthy is in their best interest.
To complete our insanity we have a group of people called ‘Progressives’ who advocate that continued massive wealth transfers to the top 7% is the path to societal justice – and that the ever decreasing justice in our society is a valid argument that we simply have not transferred enough wealth to the 1%.
Yes, we have reached that level of insanity.
We have a significant percentage of the American population who sincerely believe that the purpose of elections is to compete with the other side over the reallocation of other peoples property and a referendum on making the other guy do what they want – regardless of what that person may want and regardless if it violates the conscience of that person.
This is democracy. Enjoy the competition for other peoples lives and property because it will not last long.