Franz-Josef On The Throne

by | Nov 22, 2017 | Keith, Politics | 0 comments

Last week I remarked that “For the socialist, Franz-Josef must always be on the throne and if he is not then his straw man must be created.”

As always the Leftist are out to prove me correct.

Just a few of the headlines/calls to action/cries for help from this week:

“Make Trump End Gun Violence”

“Impeach Trump Or Climate Change Will Kill Us All”

“It Was Illegal To Profit From Healthcare Until Nixon”

You get the gist…

One would think, from these headlines/calls to action/cries for help that Republican Presidents were Emperors and not Presidents – to the point “For the socialist, Franz-Josef must always be on the throne…”

Dealing with reality, past or present, is a losing argument for Leftist. In their twisted arguments Obama/Clinton/Carter failed to end gun violence, climate change or healthcare problems because they were foiled by evil Republicans, even when the evil Republicans failed to hold the House or Senate and even when the legislation responsible was passed by Democrats? Yet Trump/W/Bush I/Reagan/Nixon (everyone ignores Ford) somehow magically acquired Franz-Josef-like Imperial Power that Obama/Clinton/Carter failed to acquire? Is that about how that line of logic goes?

Obviously it is all the fault of the NRA…

Still not at peak absurdity.