Indians And Karma

by | Jul 13, 2017 | Culture, Keith | 0 comments

In a recent conversation the issue of karma came up in regard to the United States and the treatment of Indians. A non-Indian theorized that the problem’s the United States is experiencing is a result of karma due to how we treated Indians.

Full disclosure here: I am an Indian, I am a citizen of an Indian Nation.

My retort to this was that it was a perfect example of what Gogol was describing in ‘Dead Souls’. We will bemoan how we treated Indians yet we will continue to support the same policies that we are decrying as being so unfair.

What happened to Indians sources in a specific action by a specific President fulfilling the specific doctrine of a political party. Andrew Jackson specifically rejected a Supreme Court decision calling his policies unconstitutional, voided all that the constitution said about Indians and no President or congress since has ever looked back or returned to the constitution in regard to Indians. We institutionalized the corruption. I am always mystified by people who bemoan what happened to Indians yet seem to have no problem with just keeping on doing the same thing they decry as being so wrong.

I really do not get it. If you think what was done to Indians was wrong and evil (which it absolutely was) then why continue to support policies and politicians that perpetuate that evil today? Indians are not of the past, Indians are today. This is not a matter of karma, this is a matter of people continuing to support the same policies for the last 190 years. We will collectively pursue all other avenues except just doing the right thing then complain that the right thing was not done and we as a nation somehow deserve punishment for that.

It is not too late to do the right thing. To my point about dead souls and corruption – why not just stop doing evil and do the right thing? Our souls are truly dead if we explore all other options other than doing the right thing.

Corruption is deadening our souls.