Isn’t It Ironic

by | Sep 3, 2017 | Keith, Politics | 0 comments

It would appear the worm has turned for Antifa. After Charlottesville it seemed all Democrats and even some Republicans defended Antfia as being ‘against white supremacists’ and they were treated as a mainstream group of people who happen to beat people up, but only Nazi’s and Klansman and that was ok.

Antifa has gone on to demonstrate since Charlottesville that they really are not too picky about whom they beat up – they have even beaten up Black Lives Matter folks. How to win friends and influence people? It also didn’t help the perception when they beat up people praying for peace in California.

Who beats up people praying for peace?

The focus of Antifa is apparently to oppose with violence anyone who is not them.

The Philadelphia ‘cell’ has come out calling for Marxist revolution. Antifa is leaving little doubt about where they stand ideologically and that they will use whatever level of violence they deem necessary to get what they want.

This is all leading to an interesting political situation – will having supported Antifa in the wake of Charlottesville end up being as politically toxic as supporting the Klan? That appears to be the road this is heading down at ever increasing speed.

Let us be honest – 90% of Americans are fed up with the hate and the violence. We are just done with it. Politicians perceived to have been supportive of a hate-filled violent group could end up paying a price in this environment. Antifa is demonstrating beyond any rational dispute that they are a hate-filled violent group.

Isn’t it ironic if the one thing that could unite and rally the overwhelming majority of people in this country is opposition to Antifa?

Could happen…