It Is All About Control

by | May 6, 2017 | Economy, Health Care, Keith | 0 comments

I hear and read the daily screeching about universal healthcare and free college and endless items to which people believe they are entitled.

Entitled is the correct word here and this is why: be it healthcare or housing or education or anything else there is nothing preventing these folks from forming voluntary associations in order to collectively accomplish these goals among themselves without the use of government what so ever.
There is nothing stopping these people from forming organizations to collectively cover healthcare cost or education cost or housing cost. There is nothing stopping these people from sitting down and writing a check themselves.
However that is not what they want to occur and not what they will do. What they want to have happen is to have government pass laws and create regulations to control the lives of others. If this was not the case they would have formed these voluntary organizations in order to accomplish these goals by now – but they have not.
Hence the only logical conclusion to draw is that it has nothing to do with healthcare or housing or education – it has everything to do with controlling your neighbor and helping yourself to your neighbors stuff.
It is all about control – not helping other humans. If you believe otherwise, no matter how sincerely believe that, you are being conned.
It is all about control.