Justifying A Fantasy

by | Jul 16, 2017 | Culture, Keith, Politics | 0 comments

“We’re living in an age where what you say and its relation with the facts is completely irrelevant.” – Charles Krauthammer

Charles Krauthammer statement is true. We have a very vocal minority in this country that believe in a fantasy. Their entire existence revolves around keeping the fantasy intact. They believe it is mandatory to attack anyone who demonstrates the fantasy as what it is: a fantasy.

An example of this fantasy is Bernie Sanders and his adherents pointing to Denmark as what they want the United States to become.  Denmark has a corporate tax rate that is close to half that of the United States yet the tax burden on the Danish middle class ranges from 60-80%. Yes you read that correctly, the Danish middle class is taxed at a 60-80% clip. Sound like the utopian paradise you would like to turn the United States into?

In the leftist fantasy, none of the truth about Denmark is true.

“All of these actions impede upon the individual freedoms and privacy rights of others, all under the guise of “equality.” And because cultural Marxists need to constantly observe ever greater modes of oppression and inequality in order to justify their existence, the impositions on individual liberty will never end. Today, people may argue that such violations are “minor” and not to be concerned over. It is happening to strangers or distant neighbors, not to them; so why should they care? Liberty movement champions know full well why this thinking is idiotic; the trampling of one person’s individual liberties is the trampling of ALL people’s individual liberties. Totalitarianism is a virus that feeds on one person to the next until everyone is on the menu.” – Brandon Smith

We have a significant number of people in this country who believe that totalitarianism is where they want to go.  They believe that they have been treated unfairly and others have prospered unfairly. To an extent that is true – however in their naivety and ignorance they have decided that the answer to this is to place almost all power in the hands of a select few individuals to make things ‘fair’. They have adopted the mantle of ‘victimhood’ in order to deprive others of their right to speech, deprive them of their property, and deprive others of any right that indeed exposes the alleged ‘victims’ as being the actual perpetrators.

This is the opposite of equality. This is the opposite of freedom. This is the opposite of liberty. This is a perpetuation of the very system that creates victims. and actual victims is what the Left intends to create in as large a number as they can possibly manage. This is evil.

Here is the root of the problem; they will continue in a never-ending fashion trying to destroy people, institutions, and above all truth because this is what they have come to believe is required to justify a fantasy – and of course destroying people, institutions and truth will never accomplish their goal of justifying a fantasy. There will simply never be an end to it, ever, because you cannot justify a fantasy by destroying truth and those who proclaim truth no matter how much destruction you may proliferate.  Yet that is what they will attempt to do.

Mark my words.