Let Us Talk About What No One Wants To Talk About

by | Sep 6, 2017 | Culture, Keith | 0 comments

Let us talk about the reality that no one wants to talk about anymore – your economic and social outcome in life, as well as your general happiness, contentment and ability to behave as a human, has more to do with the family you grew up in that any other single factor. In fact – no other factor is even close. It has very little to nothing to do with your skin color, your last name, your immigration status, or your gender.

This is kryptonite to the Social Justice Warriors because it is true. Tear down all of the statues you want, you will not improve the economic and social outcomes in life, as well as the general happiness, contentment and ability to behave as a human unless you fix the family. It is well documented, researched and established as to the family models, behaviors and habits that will constantly produce the happiest, most content and most successful human beings. Unfortunately to a significant degree the Social Justice Warriors are intent on destroying that model – in fact many Leftist believe that evading every aspect of that model is virtue signaling their superiority.

Now just because there is a well documented, researched and established family model, behaviors and habits that will constantly produce the happiest, most content and most successful human beings does not mean it is always the case that it will produce the most successful human. It means it is overwhelmingly more successful than other models in accomplishing that. Great families can produce terrible adults and children who grow up in terrible circumstances can become great human beings. No one doubts or argues that.

There was a study some years ago that determined that if you avoided having babies before marriage, being convicted of a crime, finished high school, spent at least one year in your first job, and got married and stayed married then your chances – statistically speaking – of dying in poverty were about the same as getting struck by lightening. This seems like a fairly straightforward formula to follow in order to avoid poverty and it is not at all dependent on your skin color, your last name, your immigration status, or your gender. If this is the solution to poverty we might rationally ask what family structure and values best produces this outcome?

If you guessed two parents that did all of the above themselves then you would be correct!

This is not rocket science despite what the Ph.D.’s may want you to believe. Deviate from these things – have babies before you are married, be convicted of a crime, drop out of school, get divorced, stay single all your life, start job-hopping or just quit working at a young age – and you will not be doomed to misery but you will greatly enhance the chances that your life – and your children’s lives – will consist of poverty, social isolation, unhappiness, discontentment and dysfunction.

Just the truth.