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by | May 5, 2017 | Culture, Keith | 0 comments

This morning I posted “Remember This When You See The Hate” on which I said “Voluntary cooperation is the mortal enemy of those who wish you to hand over your individual rights. They have throughout history typically engaged in combat against cooperation by attempting to convince you that the ‘others’ hate you and will not cooperate with you and are not to be trusted – and that if you cooperate with them you are a traitor. The entire model operates off of hate, suspicion and distrust. That is their stock in trade.”


Meanwhile this comment was posted on my Facebook page in regard to the healthcare bill the House passed yesterday:


“Democrats don’t want communism, but is it fair to give a 880 BILLION dollar tax break to the rich? Cause a cleansing of the poor? Brown? Gay? Sick? Elderly??”


You cannot make this stuff up. People actually sincerely believe this. Is there any rational factual basis for these allegations? Of course not – but you are a traitor to your side if you constructively engage with the ‘others.’


Animal Farm comes to life before our eyes…