Just to straighten out a few things that people seem confused about:

We are entitled to know every single thing our government does (excepting national defense secrets); the government is entitled to know nothing about us.

Neither you nor the government are entitled to someone else’s stuff.

Neither you nor the government are entitled to tell someone else what to do with their stuff.

Something cannot be a ‘right’ if it imposes a burden or obligation on someone else.

The purpose of government is to protect rights, not violate rights.

Every single government interference into the economy will distort markets in a manner which artificially produces winners and losers – for every one the government holds up as an example of a ‘winner’ there is someone else who lost because of government action and the government would prefer you not worry your pretty little heads about them losing – they want you to focus on the winner.

You cannot be a free people without a free market and you cannot have a free market if the government is requiring or prohibiting you to buy or sell, setting the price for you to buy or sell, or preventing products, services and people from participating in the market.

The overwhelmingly common reason for government regulation is to prevent products, services and people from participating in the market by raising the bar to competition, hence protecting incumbent corporations. Government doesn’t really give a damn about you, your health or your safety – your welfare is not why there are regulations.

Keith Nobles

Keith Nobles

Keith Nobles is an entrepreneur and constitutional and Indian rights activist. Keith is a citizen of the Cherokee Nation and speaks and writes nationally advocating for Indians constitutional rights as well as speaking on the history of American Indians. Keith organizes American Indian cultural and community events in Colorado.

Shawn Mitchell

Shawn Mitchell

Shawn is an attorney and frequent speaker and writer on public policy.
Shawn is a former state representative and state senator and special counsel to the Colorado Attorney General.