More Virtue Signaling At The Expense Of Solutions

by | Oct 6, 2017 | Culture, Keith | 0 comments

Pretty clear from all of the reactions to the Las Vegas shooting that the one thing we now all have in common is that we do not trust the government – from the Las Vegas police department and Clark County Sheriff up to DC.

One might think this would be a unifying factor – but we would be wrong to think that! We now fight to the bitter end over how and why we distrust the government.

Yes – once again – we are that absurd.

We have people on both sides arguing the government is not to be trusted – but the proposed solution is to enhance government power and simply remove the people ‘our’ side does not trust.

We have reached such ludicrous positions – people who last week were supporting the NFL for allegedly taking a knee to protest police abuse are now the same people calling for only the police to have fire arms. The same people who say Trump is Hitler are also calling for him to disarm anyone who opposes him.

Recall what I wrote a few days ago – ethics lead to morals and morals lead to laws. The obvious ethic is to be void of principles and simply support whatever makes you and the collective you identify with feel good today.

Innocent people getting shot en masse? That is secondary to feeling good today. That is secondary to virtue signaling what the collective demands in order to remain in good standing. Real solutions? Not needed for all of the feeling good and virtue signaling simply allows the conscience to relax. Besides, more mass shootings allow more feeling good and virtue signaling.

Think I am being ridiculous? Think about why we have not solved this problem and what people truly value here.