My Political Obsession Suddenly Feels Like Emptiness

by | Dec 13, 2017 | Culture, Politics, Shawn | 0 comments

All across America, political animals are posting and arguing about what the Alabama election means. What the future holds for the US Senate. They’re scanning the blogosphere to find pundits they agree with, and pundits they disagree with.
They’re linking and counter-linking. I’m one of the worst offender addicts. Hi, I’m Shawn. And I’m a politoholic.
Today I’m coming up empty, exhausted, and numb. There has to be more in life to be happy or concerned about. Maybe I’ll think something say something, or write something tomorrow. Well, I guess I do have this sort of political thought right now–if the role of the federal government in controlling our life were smaller, then single elections wouldn’t be so consequential and consuming. .