Obama, not Trump, was the Stooge for Putin.

by | Apr 12, 2017 | Peak Absurdity | 0 comments

The opposition’s new line on Trump is that he’s going to get us into a war with Russia. That is a sudden about face from accusing Trump of being a Russian agent, which never made sense. What has Trump done for Russia? Moved to increase US petroleum production, a policy that will put Russia in a vice? Told Western Europe to spend more money on its own defense to be a counterweight on its own continent?

Now, by comparison, what did Obama do for Russia? He abruptly and unilaterally canceled long promised missile defense installations and humiliated Poland and the Czech Republic. He sent Hillary with that absurd “reset button” to grovel. He mocked Romney for calling Russia a geopolitical threat. He asked Medvedev to relay to Putin that after his last election, he could “be more flexible.” He stood aside and invited Putin to assume a dominant role in Syria and the Middle East.

It is a mystery how critics can accuse Trump of aiding Russia by his glib rhetoric about Putin being a strong leader, while totally ignoring everything Obama did to elevate Russia above the US in strategic global influence.