The Gun Control Solution Is Dead

by | Oct 3, 2017 | Culture, Keith, Politics | 0 comments

We have had a beyond terrible mass shooting once again, this time in Las Vegas.

Also once again – rather than mourn the fallen the political minions and shills are out in force with the time-worn propaganda. We are all familiar with the term vulture capitalism but now we have the political vultures who will use those tragically murdered to score political points. Despicable – not the least of which reasons for it being so despicable is their record of failure.

Let us look at that record of failure – there are north of 92,000 gun laws in this country at all levels of government. The basic argument of the proponents of gun control is that there should be 92,001 then 92,002 then 92,003 – will that make you feel safer? In other words this method has now failed 92,000 times yet they argue for more of the same. 500 people were shot in Las Vegas – if that is not catastrophic failure of a policy then what is? What is that about the definition of insanity? Yes, sometimes societies just collectively go insane and if shooting five-hundred people is not the definition of insanity then claiming that if we just did what failed the previous 92,000 times one more time then we will stop the shootings certainly is the definition of insanity. The gun control argument is premised on falsehoods – that felons will not commit felonies, that crazy people will not be crazy and that evil people will not be evil. Those 92,000 laws are for putting people in jail after they committed atrocities, they are useless for preventing atrocities. Yet we have masses yelling for just one more useless law that will again fail to prevent atrocities. The solution to this problem is not in passing more laws.

At the end of the day these calls for more gun control are nothing more than politicians trying to raise money from tragedy – yet you still vote for them and their minions still call out for more failure as though the lives of the actual human beings are an irrelevancy.

People who do not even know the who and the why and how and that there are endless questions here that will take some amount of time to answer all proclaim a solution – a solution that has already demonstrably failed 92,000 times and counting. Yet even the briefest perusal of social media will find countless people who have already formulated a narrative that suits their political preference. All of you folks who believe you know what happened and why and how – please call the Las Vegas Police Department or Clark County Sheriff, I am sure they would love to hear how you know exactly what happened.

Yes it is that absurd. It is that insane. The murder of our friends and neighbors have become nothing more than political chips to be cashed in with the gullible used as living collateral securing future chips.

If a political agenda is of more value to you than the lives of innocent people at a concert then all you have to do is look in a mirror to find the answer to why this keeps happening.