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by | Oct 17, 2017 | Keith, Other Side Quote of the Day | 0 comments

Other Side Quote of the Day: “All right, let me quote Garry Wills because I’ve read something he wrote in the New York Times on the Fourth of July about the Second Amendment which I had never been aware of this. And I feel like I was waiting for the moment when I thought people would be paying attention to this issue, and it is apropos to this issue we’re talking about because he says the Second Amendment “shows just how far the poison of slavery pervaded the Constitution. It was intended to protect slave holders who used militias to keep a firm grip on their slaves. It wasn’t meant to let individuals prevent federal tyranny. How could it? It was meant to guarantee the legality of well-regulated militias to handle the states’ internal problems, especially the problem of a large slave population.”” – Bill Maher