Quote Of The Day

Quote of the Day: "Throughout history, the right to pursue one's goals in a peaceable, voluntary manner, without direction, control, and coercion, has won a hostile reception. There's little older in history than the idea that some should give orders and others obey.”...

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Green Or Blue

“Bread and circuses, that’s all the common people want.” - Juvenal I do not believe that history repeats but it does rhyme. People tend to behave in similar ways generation after generation. The Byzantine Empire was a continuation of the Roman Empire and was the most...

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It Won’t Be MadMax

When a market is distorted then inevitably that market distortion will eventually unwind. In order to prevent that unwinding of a market distortion it will require more market distortions, wash rinse repeat. That is the point we are at in the American and world...

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