“Should We Abandon Capitalism?”

by | Sep 19, 2017 | Economy, Keith | 0 comments

Interesting social media posts being shared about accompanied with an article to the gist of “Should We Abandon Capitalism?”

Drives the exact point of how intellectually dishonest we have become as a society. Capitalism is dependent on free markets and free markets are dependent on voluntary transactions at voluntary terms – which have not existed now for decades. Hence we have not had capitalism in decades. Be it through ignorance or intentionally attempting to deceive people – when you must create fictional straw men in order to make your point a very logical conclusion is that you do not have a point what so ever.

Of course these people have no point – but by creating fiction they attempt to show that what they are proposing is superior to the fiction that they have created. A great deal of our troubles root back to people feeling the need to create fictional straw men in order to make what they are proposing appear good, better and rational. Of course what they are proposing is not good, better or rational – that is why they must generate fiction as comparables!

Be aware of reality – evil prospers through lies. If you cannot tell the difference then perhaps the wise course is to hold off on forming an opinion until you can tell the difference.