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I often quote Friedrich August von Hayek, “If socialist understood economics they wouldn’t be socialist.”

I do not quote that to be pejorative (though I am sure many take it that way) but as an observation of the truth. Let us be frank, socialist are not the only people wandering the landscape with no understanding of what they profess but they are the most vocal in advocating for destruction – and the culture the socialist have embraced and propagate entails the shunning of those who may logically point out what socialism requires and the inevitable outcome. Making truth, data and facts into the enemy and convincing the gullible that truth, data and facts are the enemy is the only method by which socialism continues to survive rather than having been relegated to the trash bin of history long ago.

Socialism is a dumpster fire writ large. Socialism inevitably fails for a number of reasons – but the most significant reason is that it requires a change in human nature. For a hundred years now socialist have been willing to use absolute unrestrained unmitigated force and terror in order to instigate that change in human nature. They have failed – 100% of the time. Socialism in all of its’ forms is at odds with both the reality of what human beings are and with math. For whatever reason those who buy into socialism are typically unwilling to bend to this truth – and when the program inevitably causes misery, poverty and death the adherents of socialism also inevitably believe they have not used sufficient force for socialism to work. Make no mistake – socialism is force. That is all it is. Socialist inevitably come to believe that there are ‘traitors’ in the midst who have sabotaged their socialism rather than that socialism is a truly terrible idea. They seemingly can never accept that socialism is simply a terrible system. This denial of reality inevitably leads to witch hunts, denouncements, punishment, prisons and executions.


No one who is an adherent of socialism – at the start of the program – buys into or believes it will result in unrestrained unmitigated force and terror in order to instigate that change in human nature. No adherents believe at the start of the program that they will inevitably come to believe that there are ‘traitors’ in their midst who have sabotaged their socialism and they do not believe that they will institute witch hunts, denouncements, prisons and executions.

Yet this is almost inevitably the result. The greatest horrors in the history of mankind have been brought about via socialism. Nothing else is even close.

The root cause is that the adherents of socialism do not believe that ‘their’ implementation of socialism will ever lead to misery, poverty and death – though that is the inevitable outcome. When it does lead to misery, poverty and death then they ‘chose the wrong leaders’ or ‘it was sabotaged’ or any number of other excuses – anything other than it is a terrible idea. That it is a terrible idea is as clear as day to everyone – other than the socialists.

“If socialist understood economics they wouldn’t be socialist.”