Solving Problems

by | Sep 9, 2017 | Culture, Keith | 0 comments

Those who wish for government to solve problems – economic, social, educational, transportation, poverty, et al. – all have a fundamental core belief: that private human beings are corrupt, greedy and not to be trusted but that a government consisting of these same corrupt, greedy and not to be trusted individuals will not be corrupt or greedy and can be fully trusted.

The ideological foundations of believing government should solve problems is premised on the assumption that government is not corrupt and greedy but that private human beings are.
There is nothing, absolutely nothing, these folks who believe that government should solve problems could not accomplish without involving government. Healthcare, transportation, education, making society more ‘fair’ – all of it could be done through private voluntary organizations. So why don’t they do that? Because they believe private organizations cannot be trusted but government can be. That there is zero in all of human history to substantiate that belief is irrelevant to these folks – it is the linchpin to the entire ideology and admitting to reality is akin to admitting they have been wrong.
Nothing terrible about being wrong, we are all wrong about things. The problem is when you are willing to destroy lives by the millions rather than admit maybe there was a better way to do something – then doubling and tripling down on those bad ideas rather than admit that you were wrong about it.
Some of these folks may confess that government can indeed be corrupt, greedy and not to be trusted – then qualify that by saying the private world is worse so government is the best of bad choices.
Again, there is zero in all of human history to substantiate that belief or qualification.
There is one major difference between government doing something and the private world doing something – the private world is voluntary except where government has mandated it not to be. Government is force. If the private, voluntary world is corrupt or has a bad idea – one can walk away from it and not be compelled, coerced or forced into participating.
Government is nothing except using compulsion, coercion and force to require you to participate – no matter how bad the idea, no matter how corrupt, no matter if it violates your conscience to participate.
It boggles the mind to think that so many people would prefer to be compelled, coerced and forced into participating in things that are corrupt, bad ideas or violate their conscience rather than have the opportunity to walk away – but there you have it.
Think on it.