Stop Bilking The Sick

by | Sep 28, 2017 | Economy, Keith, Politics | 0 comments

To paraphrase Thomas Sowell – socialism is the belief that you cannot afford hospitals, doctors, nurses, technicians, ambulances and medication but you can somehow afford hospitals, doctors, nurses, technicians, ambulances, and medication along with an army of bureaucrats on top of it all.

The cost of healthcare has increased 78X as a per cent of GDP since government decided to jump in and ‘help’ – get government out of it entirely and watch the costs drop like a rock. The only way that government can solve the healthcare problem is by deciding it will stop ‘helping’ and get out of healthcare entirely. How many bankruptcies and how much of a financial burden would healthcare cause at 1/78th the current cost?

Expecting government to ‘fix’ this problem is like expecting small pox to cure small pox – not going to happen. Government interference is the root cause of the problem – not the solution. That many people are making tremendous amounts of money from the sick and needful by convincing the gullible that government is the solution rather than the problem is beyond atrocious.

Stop the corruption and bilking of the sick by ending government involvement in and funding of healthcare.