Strip-Mining The Middle Class And Poor

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For the eight years of the Obama administration the middle third of Americans suffered a 30% loss in their net wealth (everything in) and the bottom third suffered a 45% decline in their net wealth. Only the top 7% of Americans saw an increase in their net wealth while billionaires on average doubled their net wealth. This was the sum total of what eight years of Obama brought us.

It gets more interesting from there – if you look at a map of counties which voted for Clinton or voted for Trump (easy to find online) the Trump and Clinton counties match more than 80% with the counties that the Progressives strip-mined assets from and where that wealth went. These assets strip-mined from the poor and middle class were redistributed to a few counties heavily populated with the 1% that also voted for Clinton. The people from whom the assets were taken are Trump counties and not populated with the 1% what so ever.

For the millionth time – “If socialist understood economics they would not be socialist.” – Hayek.

Over the last eight years my experience has wholly and completely been that Progressives will stop at nothing to deny, obfuscate or dissemble in regard to this data. This data simply destroys any myth of ‘progressivism’ that the Progressives would like to spread. Over the last eight years Progressives have executed the largest asset transfer in all of history – a transfer of assets from the poor and middle class to the very wealthiest. It is undeniable and the data is there for anyone who cares to look at – unfortunately it appears that zero Progressives care to look at that data for if they did they would certainly no longer be a Progressive.

The folks living in the counties that had the wealth taken from them certainly understand that this happened. They may not be able to explain how, or what the mechanisms were, but they certainly know that this has occurred. This is exactly the reason that you have a President Trump.

The folks living in San Francisco and New York and Boston appear oblivious. They apparently have acquired the belief that because they are good Progressives the $15 trillion in additional net wealth magically landed in their laps. “See how well progressivism works!” These folks are reticent to give that wealth up – and even more reluctant to let go of the levers of elitist power that allow them to strip-mine assets from the poor and middle class in order to continue the flow of wealth into their pockets – because, you know, strip-mining wealth from the poor and middle class is ‘Progressive.’

The rank-and-file Progressives generally have no clue as to any of this – and they certainly do not have the intellectual or moral curiosity to go explore any of it. Rank-and-file Progressives are so focused on hating whomever they are supposed to hate this week that any accusation that they are tools of the 1%, regardless of the volume and irrefutability of the data presented (“It’s a Republican trick you Trump supporter!”), that they simply have no time to explore their own conscience or the who actually benefits from their beliefs.

If Progressives did explore their own conscience and who actually benefits from their beliefs and if they could muster that moral courage in the face of the evidence then this country would not on the verge of civil war. The perfect awareness of the 1% is that by inflating the rank-and-file Progressives with not just hate but the belief in their own moral supremacy then the chances of the rank-and-file Progressives ever saying ”I was wrong” is greatly diminished – no matter how irrefutable the data demonstrating that they have made an error.

We have now reached the point where Facebook and Twitter are aflame with Progressives celebrating and advocating for violence against Republicans. If there are Progressives who stand against the violence I have not heard them. The verdict of history will be that silence is acquiescence.

The net sum of the current environment is that Progressives are advocating for killing Republicans in order that wealth transfers from the poor and middle class to the 1% can continue. Get through all the spin, all the propaganda, all the fake news, all the false allegations, all the hate – it simply comes down to Progressives who are willing to stop at nothing in order to strip-mine the poor and middle class and enrich the 1%.

Still not at peak absurdity.