The Despair Of The Democrat Party

by | May 27, 2017 | Keith, Politics | 0 comments

Republican Greg Gianforte defeated Democratic opponent Rob Quist to win the Montana special election a day after Gianforte was charged with assault. Let that sink in. Gianforte allegedly body slammed a reporter – and he still defeated the Democrat handily.


I cannot imagine the depth of despair in the Democrat Party at the moment. To sum it up – even if the Republican is committing violent felonies people will still prefer the Republican to the Democrat.


Why on earth is this?


Here is a symptom of the ‘why’ this is: “In this new world that we live in we can’t isolate ourselves, we can’t hide behind a wall.” – Barack Obama said this on Thursday while standing behind a wall. Can’t make this stuff up.


The Democrats have become so accustomed to having the major media and Saturday Night Live and Jon Stewart and Colbert and such cover their tracks, their hypocrisies, their corruption – they assume they can be as flagrantly disingenuous as they wish and no one will notice.


That is not the case anymore. For the eight years of Obama we suffered through the greatest wealth transfer in all of history – transferring wealth from the poor and middle class to the very wealthy. Most people understand this. They may not be able to explain why or what the mechanism was – but they know this happened. They know they got poorer while the very wealthy became much much wealthier under Obama. They also know that those who got much much wealthier support Democrats. Most people understand that the traditional claim of the Democrat Party that they want to help the poor and middle class is unadulterated bullshit. Furthermore most people know that the Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders wings of the Democrat Party will only accelerate this wealth transfer to the 1%. The Democrat Party has become synonymous with closing options and opportunities for regular people to work their way up, with the crony mega-deals they make that cost you wealth and opportunity, with trillions and trillions of dollars they transfer to their buddies while throwing you crumbs. This is what the Democrat Party has become and no amount of Saturday Night Live and Jon Stewart and Colbert and Washington Posts and New York Times and Los Angeles Times and CNN and MSNBC can hide that reality any longer.


The Obama’s and Clinton’s and Warren’s and such all want you to believe they are on your side while their friends get unimaginably wealthy from the policies and legislation the Democrats push – and your life gets more difficult week after week after week. In the meantime Democrats keep giving speeches about evil walls while standing behind a wall.


The word ‘obtuse’ does not even begin to address the issue.


This is why a Republican who commits violent felonies will still beat the Democrat for a congressional seat. This is why a Republican President who is a full time ass and part-time lunatic is preferred to any Democrat. Earlier this week I posted how the Democrats cannot bring an end to the wealth transfers without also bringing an end to the welfare state they have sponsored. It is the same story the world over – the welfare state is not the solution to wealth inequality – it is the cause. The Democrat Party has a Chavista vision and they simply cannot confront the reality that this vision is the source of the wealth inequality because confronting that reality will result in the ideological decimation of the party. In other words – in order to fix their problem the Democrat Party has to say something akin to, “We are sorry, we were wrong.”


We all know they would rather keep losing seats to asses, felons and lunatics than have to say that.


Get the popcorn ready… extra butter this time.