The House Healthcare Reform

by | May 5, 2017 | Health Care, Keith | 0 comments

The healthcare reform bill passed by the House yesterday is an improvement on Obamacare – and in some respects a major improvement. I do not consider that a debatable point. It is better than Obamacare.


What is debatable is if it is better enough?


Much in the same way that the argument is made that Trump is better than Hillary the argument that the House version of healthcare reform is better than Obamacare misses the point. Will it / can it solve the problems we have?


Of that I am doubtful. Making it ‘better’ and solving the problem are not the same things. True of Trump and true of healthcare reform.


Claiming TrumpĀ is better than Hillary or that GOP healthcare reform is better than Obamacare is a very low bar.


Clearing that low bar does not equate to success.