The -ism’s

by | Sep 14, 2017 | Keith, Politics | 0 comments

The arguments against liberty are often quite funny and typically absurd.

Most often they require a straw man to argue against.

The entire debate comes down to two choices (excluding anarchy, which may be what we get but is unlikely to be a conscious choice) – you can have a society where people are free to do as they wish with the caveats being that you cannot hurt people, steal, damage their property, etc. – or you can have a society where force is used to make other people do as you wish.

This is it. The arguments against liberty always boil down to a rationalization for why a specific person or group of people are entitled to use force to make other people comply with the desires of those wielding force, take their property or even harm them. Always.

Socialism is force. Fascism is force. Corporatism is force.

This is all it is. They may claim that they will wield that force differently in order to benefit different people, but it is force. By the way, the claims that they will wield that force differently to benefit different people are always bogus because none of these people can escape their own human nature that drives them to the same end point.

Socialism, Fascism, Corporatism – they are all doomed to failure from the start. The only question is how much death, misery and poverty they will generate on the way to that failure. The -ism’s fail for the simple reason that they are wholly and entirely dependent on distorting human needs and wants. They depend on driving people into a channel where others know ‘what is best for you and society.’ Your individual needs and wants are to be subverted to what other people think your needs and wants should be. People are then kept in that channel by means of force.

This is how the -ism’s work. There is no alternative because we simply cannot escape human nature – force is required in order to compel the masses to participate in the manner that the central planners of these systems desire.

Liberty requires no central planning and no central planners and hence no force to make people do what others think they should be doing. Liberty requires no channels to drive people into. Liberty simply requires that government defends the rights and property of the individual, i.e. liberty does not compel, coerce or force people to do things – the valid role of government in a liberty system is force only being used in regard to people hurting people, stealing, damaging their property, etc. In other words, in a liberty system force is only used to oppose those who violate individual rights, it is not used to make people do what other people think they ought to be doing.

In a liberty system people decide for themselves what they will do and what they will be. The linchpin of liberty is private property and a free market. This is why the -ism’s always attack free markets and private property first. The reduction and elimination of private property rights and the free market is the road to tyranny – every single time.

The question is do you want to decide what you should be doing with your life, with your property, with your own conscience and volition or would you rather someone else make that decision for you?

Choose wisely…