The Playbook

by | Jun 2, 2017 | Culture, Keith | 0 comments

Last week a White Supremacist stabbed two people to death on a Portland commuter train. The murderer shouted racial slurs at an Islamic woman, three men intervened and were stabbed by the murderer – two of them died as a result.

The Mayor of Portland immediately proclaimed that “hate speech was not protected by the constitution” and moved to cancel a Trump rally that was scheduled in the near future. The media locally, nationally and internationally proclaimed this sort of atrocity is the natural outcome of the racist xenophobe Donald Trump being President.

The fact that the Facebook page of the murderer was sprinkled with vile racist, anti-Islamic, anti-Semitic white supremacist statements was widely reported. That the Facebook page of the murderer was also sprinkled with support for Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein was much less reported. That the racist white supremacist murderer was also an avid Left-winger destroys the “Trump as bigot” narrative in much the same manner that pointing out that ‘Nazi’ is a German acronym for National Socialist Workers Party destroys the narrative that Hitler and his followers were prototypes of right-wing Republicans.

The ensuing actions by the Mayor and the media appear themselves to be nothing more than political suppression. Left-wing politicians and media justifying the cancellation of Republican events and alleging that constitutional rights do not exist due to a Left-wing white supremacist committing murders on a train is unfortunately par for the course. The Leftist narrative is quite simple: if something bad happens find a connection to Trump, Republicans, or conservatives – and if such a connection cannot be found just out and out make one up. If something good happens – attribute it to the kind-heartedness and sound reasoning of the Left.

Do not kid yourself that this is the playbook. We see it over and over – not just daily but hourly. The sad truth is – maintaining the fictional narrative is of much more value to these people than human lives are. By all appearances they seem to be perfectly willing to have atrocities occur as long as they can blame it on the appropriate people, i.e. Republicans. How many times have you seen a meme to the effect of “White Christians who commit mass murder” with Timothy McVeigh’s photograph? Truth is that Timothy McVeigh was devoted atheist – but a Left-wing meme that states “White Atheists who commit mass murder” works contrary to the narrative.

Telling lies in order to fulfill the narrative is unfortunately also par for the course.

It is no longer about truth or reality or fairness or simple human decency – it is wholly and completely about the narrative. The narrative is that white, Christian, Republican is bad and non-white, non-Christian and non-Republican is good. Orwell would be so proud. These are the moral dividing lines the Left has foolishly chosen to draw. At the end of the day this’ll prove to be a disastrously bad narrative to adopt and an incomprehensibly destructive strategy but at the moment the Left is riding high on a belief in their own supremacy that blinds them to the consequences of these tactics.

The only question is how much more damage will be done before a narrative based wholly on race, religion and party affiliation will be holistically and inevitably rejected for what it is.