The Price Of Believing The Absurd

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It would appear the great skill of the human race is to normalize the absurd and the evil.


I have known people who survived Hitler, Stalin, Brezhnev, Ho Chi Minh, Pol Pot, Assad, Taylor…


I knew a Russian family who applied to leave the Soviet Union. The Soviet officials proclaimed that the husband must be insane – that only the insane would wish to leave the paradise of the USSR was the rationale – and they sentenced him to an insane asylum. The wife persisted in the official, legal attempt to leave and after several years they were successful – several years which the husband had spent incarcerated and labeled insane and his family depended on the kindness of others to eat and have a place to sleep. I knew a Lutheran pastor whom the Nazi’s sentenced to the work camps, which he survived, only to have the communist victors sentence him to fourteen years in prison due to his unwillingness to recant his faith in Christ. Eventually a Christian organization in Europe was able to secure his release to the west by essentially bribing the communist officials to release him. I know a fellow who the Soviet government proclaimed a non-person, after having thrown his father in the Gulag, and he then quite illegally snuck out of the USSR to freedom. I know a lady (in every sense of the word) who was the daughter of a Catholic officer in the Army of South Viet Nam. After Saigon fell her parents were seized by the communist and taken away – never to be seen or heard from again. She survived as a homeless child on the streets of Saigon until she was able to quite illegally sneak out of the country as a teenager and miraculously make her way to the United States. I knew someone who escaped the re-education camps of Pol Pot and walked out of Cambodia. I knew the son of a former Iranian Army Colonel who, on the eve of the Ayatollah taking over in Iran, put his pre-teenage son on an airplane to the United States, not knowing if he would ever see his son again and hoping that when he stepped off of that airplane in the U.S. that some stranger would recognize the situation and care for his son. I knew a Liberian man whom his parents were political prisoners held by Charles Taylor. This fellow rented an airplane (he was a pilot), got some of his friends together, and flew the airplane to the camp where his parents were being held. He landed the airplane next to the camp, he and his armed friends burst forth from the airplane and raided the camp, releasing all the prisoners. He, his parents and his friends all made it back on the airplane alive where they flew off to freedom and eventual asylum in the United States. I knew a lady from Aleppo, Syria whom the elder Assad executed her father for political dissent. Her mother was able to get she and her sister out of Syria and away from Assad and into – Beirut. Their arrival in Beirut was at nearly the same time as the arrival of the PLO in Beirut – she went to school and college during the Lebanese civil war where she studied nursing at American University. Much of her education as a nurse was working the emergency room at the university medical center treating the casualties of the war. She would work, as a student nurse, for days at a time without respite treating the victims of bullets, grenades and artillery. She did not wash her clothes – she burned her clothes for there was no way to wash the blood out. She and her mother and sister were able to escape to the United States. These are just the stories of the people I have known – there are tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands people in this country with stories akin to these.


People will go to extraordinary lengths to be free and for their family to be free and not be compelled to live in violation of their own conscience.


The stories of not just the evil but the absurdities which had to be engaged in by society in order for these evils to be justified, rationalized and normalized are heartbreaking. Evil does not reign as a result of rational thought, evil will reign as the result of a long line of preposterous absurdities that must be bought into in an unquestioning manner – if this acceptance of absurdity does not occur then evil will have a very brief life span. For all those stories I related above – there were thousands or millions in the same position who accepted the absurdities and normalized the evil.


A society does not reach the point where imprisoning a pastor for refusing to renounce Christ or declaring a man insane because he wants to move to Brighton Beach become plausible reasonable actions unless that society has already accepted a long line of absurdities as being truth.


The following was posted on Facebook yesterday:




Absurd? Definitely. Is it bought into and unquestioned by millions of Progressives? Absolutely. This post is demonstrative of the type of absurdities people must come to embrace in order for evil to reign.


People are drawing quite a few dividing lines in our society. Conservative/Liberal. Progressive/Libertarian. White/Black. Rich/Poor. On and on – the lines that people are draw are endless.


Let me propose a novel thought – that the day is rapidly approaching where the only dividing line that is going to matter in this society is the line between those who unquestioningly buy into the absurdities and those who recognize the absurdities for what they are and reject and renounce them.


We are quickly getting to the point where the division of society will be wholly drawn at lies and truth and nothing else will be of much consequence.


Choose wisely…